Health & Beauty a unique wellness experience


We turn the desire to feel well and fit into reality, thanks to innovative products and effective methods of use that favour deep well-being, inside and out.

The areas dedicated to beauty and self-care, designed with advanced technologies and scientifically validated methods, broaden the frontiers of beauty centres and areas through an innovative Wellness concept to experience at any moment, even for just a few hours.

Why choose us


Our number one goal is to meet the need for a better quality of life, and science is our ally. We work to create innovative and effective Wellness proposals that combine health and beauty thanks to cutting-edge equipment.

Effective programs

Beauty rituals, treatment protocols and health prevention programs become functional tools to make the most of the effectiveness of the offer and combine the aesthetic result with profound and long-lasting psycho-physical well-being.

Training courses

We place our experience at your service for the training of your employees. Our courses increase knowledge, teach the correct application of our methods of use and offer updates on the most effective management technologies focused on the improvement of the available services.


Knowledge of spaces and materials, as well as in-depth design competence, allows us to develop sustainable solutions that include the combination of the most performing products, on the basis of our clients’ objectives.

Choose the format that suits you best

The latest trends of the world of Wellness show us that more and more often people look for quality wellness, made of formulas, cutting-edge technologies and customised treatments that have an impact inside and out.

This is why we have created two new formats:


Longevity Spa

Our Longevity Spa is an innovative format conceived for those who want to devote some space to preventive care and longevity in their facility. According to the dimensions, the available resources and the goals, it is possible to choose one of four different combinations of equipment and programs of use.

treatment room

Treatment Room

The Treatment Room transforms the beauty area in an exclusive space, thanks to the harmonious combination of cutting-edge pieces of equipment for effective and ingenious body treatments. According to the dimensions, the available resources and the goals, it is possible to choose one of five different configurations for the complete wellness of body and mind.

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