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The need to feel good is increasingly widespread. For innovative, future-oriented companies that have their employees at heart, the challenge is to create spaces that may fulfil that need. Driven by this purpose, we offer effective and customised solutions that aim at wellness promotion.

Our ultimate goal is the reactivation of health potential and individual energy through moments of mental and physical regeneration, as well as the improvement of the ability to manage stress, the strengthening of the immune system and the enhancement of the cognitive and creative abilities.

Why choose us

Effective innovation

We offer innovative systems that integrate perfectly in the workplace to achieve psycho-physical well-being on the grounds of thorough scientific research.

Scientifically proven protocols

Protocols of use that have been validated by scientific research and that focus on the individual, allowing for a better state of health and well-being.

Customised solutions

We create areas of psycho-physical regeneration, even in small spaces, in line with the needs of your company, that fully meet the employees’ needs.

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Health Innovation

Be well to work well. Innovative technologies and programs that can be combined in the various professional contexts are the answer to an increasingly widespread need. Our Health Innovation proposals are the ideal solution to meet your co-workers’ health and wellness needs, ensuring benefits that have a positive impact on the whole company’s organisation.

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We create areas of psycho-physical regeneration to meet the requirements of innovative companies that are committed to their employees’ well-being. Spaces that are designed to blend in perfectly in a professional environment, where to recharge your energies, regain focus and maintain the right balance between mental wellness and performance.

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Recharge Room

The Power Nap, that is – napping at work, is an effective solution validated by scientic research to regain focus, increase productivity and take care of one’s psycho-physical well-being, for one’s sake and the company’s, too.

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Health Lab

Health Lab is an innovative concept for Corporate Wellness, a great opportunity and an absolute first in the European corporate world. An effective program based on cutting-edge therapeutic systems, to ensure an actual physical, mental and social well-being for co-workers, with positive results for the company in general.

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Mental Training at work

Thanks to Wellness Coach, you can now easily organise Mental Training events, Mindfulness and guided breathing classes, making the most of the available spaces in your company using them for your co-workers’ well-being.

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