Corporate Corporate well-being, the new frontier of wellness

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The need to feel good is increasingly widespread. For innovative, future-oriented companies that have their employees at heart, the challenge is to create spaces that may fulfil that need.

We support companies with the goal of reactivating the health potential and individual energy through spaces of mental and physical regeneration, where to work on stress management, the strengthening of the immune system and the enhancement of the cognitive and creative abilities.

Why choose us

Effective innovation

We offer innovative systems that integrate perfectly in the workplace to achieve psycho-physical well-being on the grounds of thorough scientific research.

Starpool Method

Scientifically validated protocols of use revolving around the individual that allow to reactivate the health potential and individual vitality, blending perfectly in the work routine.

Customised solutions

We create areas of psycho-physical regeneration, even in reduced spaces, that are in line with the company requirements. We support the companies from the initial design to the final realisation, to create spaces that meet the employees’ needs effectively.

Recharge Room the tailor-made format for you



A “smart”solution, ideal for companies that take the first steps in the world of Corporate Wellness. An oasis of fast mental and physical regeneration, suitable for all, that allows to work effectively on stress management and on psycho-physical performance.



Ideal for companies that are in search of a complete solution for Corporate Wellness. It brings the regenerating power of the Dry Float Therapy into the work routine, through focused protocols for stress management, sleep treatment and psycho-physical performance.

recharge-room-elite ev


Designed for companies with a solid Corporate Wellness policy. The “Elite” Recharge Room brings into your company all the innovation of our Health Innovation solutions, with focused protocols to work on stress, sleep, performance and longevity.

Design your Recharge Room with our experts

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