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Today more than ever, travelers from all around the world need to sleep well. It is this market necessity to drive the trends of hospitality, calling for hotels to ensure good quality sleep to their guests. The market ever-increasing wellness demand has made sleep a key player: fatigue is the main issue linked to travel, both for leisure and for business.

How to keep up then?

Many hotels have been acting on this, building partnerships with famous mattress brands, customising the choice of pillows, and designing their rooms so that everything, from lighting to bed linen, favours good sleep. A cutting-edge and scientific approach is necessary to stand out from competitors, combining the uniqueness of sophisticated solutions to the necessity of making them available to everyone, without limitations or contraindications.


Customised treatments for your sleep

If you run the beauty area of a hotel, you are certainly aware of how different your guests are one from the other. Each of them has different needs, preferences, and expectations. And that includes sleep too. Imagine completing your offer with actual rituals and treatments to improve the quality of sleep in an effective and customised way. Nuvola is the ideal option by all standards, thanks to the scientifically proven benefits of the Dry Float Therapy on stress reduction, sleep improvement and sleep/wake balance.

On top of that, it is issued with a practical and ready-to-use set of protocols, to help you combine the extraordinary benefits of floatation with the traditional beauty and esthetic treatments of your spa offer.


The sleep room

If your clients are mainly business travelers, used to hectic routines, exhausting business meetings and long trips, a room dedicated to sleep is what you’re looking for. Thanks to Zerobody and to the supplied Brain Training programs, you can offer your guests a one-of-a-kind regenerating experience.

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