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We work alongside the world’s most important brands in the world of fitness to create Wellness areas in environments dedicated to exercise.

Innovative solutions blending perfectly in the various training programs, marrying the need to support physical activity together with places where to regenerate body and mind for optimum recovery.

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Why choose us

Project consulting

The competence of our experts is available to each of our clients to assess their real needs concerning logistics, space, and flows. Our goal is to develop solutions that are functional to the set objectives, by providing support in each phase of the project.

Integrated projects

Wellness solutions conceived for body and mind recovery and regeneration, after every type of training and exercise. They are an extension of the concept of fitness, blending in it for a complete psycho-physical well-being.

Effective results

We have designed and developed specific methods and protocols of use depending on the different types of training and athletic preparation. This is how we ensure maximum effectiveness for every Wellness experience combined with exercise and athletic performance.

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Finnish Sauna

A dry and intense heat bath that awakens the senses, reinvigorates the body, and regenerates the mind. An experience that can complement any training program, a functional solution that helps to achieve the set athletic goals, providing sports training with optimum recovery moments.

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Soft Sauna

The Soft Sauna offers slow and enveloping heat, that will enthral your senses and favour a deep state of relaxation. An innovative space, ideal for alternative wellness programs to the traditional Finnish sauna.

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Steam Room

A moist steam bath to offer moments of profound well-being after training. An elegant and distinctive environment, the result of constant technological innovation, offering superior quality of air and steam.

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Infrared Therapy

The deep heat of infra-red rays is ideal to relax muscles and regenerate the body after intense physical training. Our solutions for the Infrared Therapy blend perfectly in training programs, enhancing fitness with the best of the Wellness offer.

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Mediterranean Bath

The Mediterranean Bath is a place of social well-being, where the stay can be prolonged thanks to the particularly mild and pleasant temperature and humidity. A relaxation experience that is ideal to enhance the offer of innovative fitness centres and gyms.

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Steam Shower

The moist heat of the steam and the freshness of water in an only elegant and exclusive environment. The after-training shower becomes a moment of absolute well-being.

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Reaction Therapy

An appropriate cold reaction stops the body overheating, ensuring the effectiveness of the Wellness program. We design the areas dedicated to the Reaction Therapy carefully, taking advantage of the alternation between heat, water and rest to guarantee the right and fundamental regeneration moment after a physical effort.

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Kneipp Therapy

The therapy based on the alternation between hot and cold water favours psycho-physical recovery after sport activity. An experience that honors an ancient tradition, an extraordinarily effective solution, perfect for every environment dedicated to exercise.

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Experience Shower

A special, scented and impressive shower to enhance the Wellness offer with a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. The ideal beginning and end of a spa experience, the evidence to the care and attention devoted to athletes.

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Health Innovation

Cutting-edge solutions that combine perfectly with training programs and that promote top athletic performance, relying on the best technology and most advanced scientific research to ensure both physical and mental regeneration.

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The relaxation area must be there in every wellness program, and it requires accurate design. It is right here that the body regenerates and restores physiological balance after the alternation between hot and cold. And it is also here that it regains its energy, maximising the effects of the training.

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Beauty Care

Innovative and technological products to improve the offer of fitness centres and gyms with the guaranteed effectiveness of specific treatments, massages and rituals. Our Beauty Care solutions, supported by scientifically-validated methods of use, are the ideal extension for a complete and effective training.

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Extra Components

To complete the Wellness experience with syle, the extra components are essential functional and aesthetical elements. A plus that defines in detail the exclusive environments developed to enhance and improve the guests’ stay.

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Get inspired...

FIT&GYM massage area

Exclusive massage area

Regenerating body and mind after physical exercise is fundamental to achieve complete well-being. The combination of professional tools and accessories, like Soffio and Battista, will allow you to create an exclusive massage area in your sports centre. You will be able to transform each manual treatment in a multi-sensory experience thanks to the alternation between hot and cold temperatures. We design your exclusive massage area and we share the secrets of our rituals to ensure a unique and distinctive service.

FIT&GYM brain training

Brain Training Classes

The secret to feeling really in shape is training your mind, and not just your body. Mindfulness and guided breathing teachniques are among the most popular programs in the best international fitness centres. A trendy immersive experience that – thanks to our interactive system Wellness Coach – can be easily organised in every fitness centre or gym.

FIT&GYM recovery station

Recovery station to regain energy

Recovery is a fundamental aspect in athletes’ life, and it is as important as the training that precedes it. Thanks to our products, which have been designed to relax muscles, even out breathing and recover fast from physical exhaustion, you will be able to amaze your clients with customised programs and innovative techniques. Dry Float Therapy, Molecular Hydrogen and Brain Traning are just some examples of the innovation by Starpool that you will be able to combine for an exclusive service in your fitness centre.

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