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The last few years have brought great transformations to the consumer habits

of various sectors, including fitness. Gyms find themselves engaged in an increasingly fierce competition. The clients, driven by new habits and expectations, are in search of facilities that focus on their needs and meet their want for change even in the workout.

A significant contribution to the achievement of psycho-physical well-being with bespoke solutions rests with fitness, now inextricably bound to wellness.

Why choose us

All-round offer

We support fitness professionals, having worked for years with both large gym chains and Boutique Fitness Studios and independent gyms. We don’t just provide equipment: we are a reference, an all-round partner for the realisation of a Wellness offer that is always in line with the trends of the market and the technological innovation. We develop solutions that are functional to your objectives, by providing support in each phase of the project.

Revolving around individuals

Our approach to fitness recovery revolves around individuals, their physiology and psychology. A kind of Wellness that is founded on scientific research and defines bespoke solutions for recovery and self-care, through products that combine quality and innovation with programs of use that are functional to individual goals. The key to success for any fitness centre is the ability to meet their clients’ needs and even exceed their expectations, defining their experience and building up their loyalty.

Effective results

Our cutting-edge wellness solutions combine perfectly with different training programs and contribute to making the most of performance. For each program aimed at recovery and psycho-physical well-being, we have designed and developed specific methods and programs of use depending on the different types of training and athletic preparation.This is how we ensure maximum effectiveness for every Wellness experience combined with exercise and athletic performance.

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The battle of change is fought on three fronts:

Value generation: the key to generating value in your gym is enhancing and diversifying the offer with customised proposals and additional services, designed on the basis of the specific needs of the facility and purchasable by all members.

Client retention: keeping one’s clients’ motivation high is crucial; the members who do not attend the gym will sooner or later decide to not renew their membership.This is why it is necessary to engage and captivate them with innovative solutions and quality services.

Number of members: gyms need to have loyal clients and to find new members to increase their revenues. An alternative wellness offer is then a valuable ally to approach even the people who are not interested in fitness and training programs.

Discover the best format for your gym


Recovery Class

Ideal to complement the offer of Boutique Fitness Studios and Performance Training Studios with functional recovery programs and preventive health programs.


Recovery Class Pro

Conceived to offer recovery and preventive health programs in large fitness centres with major overlapping flows of clients.

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Champions recover with Starpool

We stand by the side of major international professional sport clubs and athletes. This allows us to offer the best innovation and the most effective programs of use to the world of fitness, for champion-proof performance.

Anton Bernard cropped

Anton Bernard

Hockey Player, HCB Foxes

“Using Zerobody in combination with the Finnish sauna and the Infrared Therapy by Starpool helps me recover fast after training and matches, and to prepare for athletic challenges in the best possible way. With Starpool, we found a valuable ally for both our physical and mental preparation.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
HCB thuile

Christian Thuile

Medical Partner, HCB Foxes

«The protocol that we have designed will be of great help to the mental and physical well-being of athletes. Hockey is a highly energy-consuming sport, and a very dense agenda necessarily results in less recovery time: for this reason, with the combination of systems such as Zerobody, cryotherapy and sauna, we’ll be able to monitor the players’ physiological values constantly and participate in their regenerative process. A Performance Center at this level is undoubtedly an excellence for a high end club such as the HCB Alto Adige Alperia: successfulness on ice depends primarily on the players’ health.»

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy

Denise Herrmann-Wick

Gold Medal at Biathlon World Championships 2023

As a biathlete and an Olympic champion, I train for about 1,000 hours a year. It is important for my body and mind to recover effectively after each competition or high training effort. That’s why I’ve been closely working with the wellness experts at Starpool since the beginning of this season. In addition to relaxing sauna sessions, the sessions on Zerobody Dry Float are ideal to actively support my recovery.

  • Professional Sport
  • Germany

Dorothea Wierer

Biathlon World Champion

“To me, Finnish sauna, Infrared Therapy, cold reactions and Zerobody have a really important role and, thanks to the Recovery Station developed with Starpool, I can really enjoy all the benefits in the time and way that suits me best, integrating recovery in both my sport and private schedule.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
Elliot Williams cropped

Elliot Williams

Director Functional Performance, 49ers

“We started with one [Zerobody], but our guys loved it so much that we ended up buying another three. If you are looking for an effective solution for recovery that all athletes will want to use, I strongly recommend Zerobody and Starpool’s solutions for sports!”

  • Professional Sport
  • USA

Ernest Briganti

Co-owner & Head Coach, Reebok CrossFit Officine

“We are very happy with the results Zerobody and the ideomotor rehabilitation programme have granted us. The medical team involved in check-ups have tested that the shoulder joint has really worked during mental training and they have been extremely satisfied with how quick recovery took place after surgery”.

  • Fit & Gym
  • Italy
evan neal

Evan Neal

Offensive Tackle, Alabama Crimson Tide

“Man, Zerobody feels amazing! As far as training goes, it takes pressure off my back. It’s really good for recovery, in my opinion. I like to come in here after workouts and take a couple minutes and relax. This relieves a lot of strain and pressure off my back. I’m really grateful that we have these.”

  • Professional Sport
  • USA
Fabian Tait cropped

Fabian Tait

Defender, Football Club Südtirol

“Zerobody is extremely useful to me, especially so if I have very close matches during the week, or during periods of maximum load training. Zerobody allows me to recover better and faster.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
Fabio Diana

Fabio Diana

Team Doctor, Aquila Basket Trento

“The reduced perception of soreness and muscle stiffness in the sessions with Zerobody improves the feeling of recovery and favors both relaxation and mood. This benefit is particularly important for athletes who have a hard time getting rid of physical and mental tension. We use dry floatation also to improve the quality of sleep and the recovery caused by muscle relaxation after long trips or close together events. This is also helpful to facilitate the work of the physical therapist and massage therapist.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy

Federico Pellegrino

Olympic Medal - Cross Country Skiing

“Cross-country skiing is a discipline that requires great commitment and constant travel. After an exhausting training or a long trip, being able to recover mental and physical energy in a fast and effective way is fundamental for me. That’s why I chose Starpool as my Wellness Partner!”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy

Franco Jachemet

Massage Therapist, Aquila Basket Trento

“The use of Zerobody with our athletes and staff members aims to favor the recovery from close together trips and competitive appointments, with good results. The chance to recover the hours of sleep that are lost for the frantic ryhthms that we all experience is excellent. This product also allowed us to create a good synergy with the post-activity physical treatments.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
Giacomo Beccucci cropped

Giacomo Becucci

Head of Performance, Aquila Basket Trento

“Zerobody helps us with load response and recovery strategy, both in terms of sleep recovery and in general with the quality and quantity of sleep, and in terms of the overall mental and physical condition of our players.”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
Gianni Moscon cropped

Gianni Moscon

Italian Talent of Road Racing Cyclism

“Maintaining the focus and the intensity of my training was difficult during lock-down. That’s why I have chosen to install Zerobody at home: it helps prepare my muscles fast for the next effort, and – thanks to the combined Mindfulness programs, it allows me to also train my mind effectively to achieve my goals with determination!”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy
jaylon smith

Jaylon Smith

Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys

“As an NFL pro athlete and business owner I’m on the go all the the time. My days can be so busy that I can’t properly rest. I love Zerobody because I can get the chance to relax my mind and reset my body in 30 minutes.”

  • Professional Sport
  • USA
jeff allen

Jeff Allen

Associate Athletics Director, Alabama Crimson Tide

“We were incredibly strategic with how we planned what we wanted to go into our Sports Science Center when it comes to recovery,” Allen said. “We wanted things that no doubt would have physiological benefits for our athletes, something that we knew would help them. It would have been really easy, I think, for us just to build a room full of nap beds, and that would have been OK. But we wanted to try to take it a step above and do something unique, and I think we’ve done that. Really excited about the opportunity to use Zerobody.”

  • Professional Sport
  • USA

Kyle Jones

Co-founder iCRYO

Zerobody Dry Float has been a great offering for our franchise model. It’s the one service that truly creates a zen-like experience from a mental perspective and provides an array of physical benefits simultaneously. Our franchise owners, staff, and guests find great value each time they do a treatment.

  • Fit & Gym
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Sport
  • USA
Sebastian Aho

Sebastian Aho

Captain, Carolina Hurricanes

“Recently, we became the first professional sports team to have a Zerobody by Starpool installed in our facility. We use Zerobody for a broad range of purposes, from general recovery and wellness to treating a spectrum of injuries, including concussions, neck, back, and joint related injuries. The ability to bring the body to a calm, stress free, relaxed state is a great way to recover from the physical demand of a brutal NHL hockey season.”

  • Professional Sport
  • USA
Stefano Migliorini cropped

Stefano Migliorini

Italian CrossFit Champion

“In 2019 I suffered a bad injury right before the qualification round for the Games. Besides the pain, I had to deal with many negative emotions: fear, frustration, rage. I started a program of ideo-motor rehabilitation on Zerobody, supported by my coach and a mental trainer. Even the medical staff was surprised by how much dry floatation combined with visualisation techniques helped me move past the psychological trauma, and how much faster I recovered from my shoulder injury!”

  • Professional Sport
  • Italy

Steve Tashjian

High-Performance Consultant, former Head of Performance US Mens Soccer National Team

Zerobody Dry Float was an important addition to our recovery lab during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. With Zerobody Dry Float, we were able to improve muscle recovery, central nervous system tone, and sleep quality, by decreasing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. I would recommend it to any sports team or athlete without reservation.

  • Professional Sport
  • USA