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Athletic performance requires both mental and physical effort. Constant dedication to achieve the best result in every activity.

To support trainers and athletes, we offer innovative solutions and protocols favouring an effective work-out, and a fast and complete recovery.

Advanced methods to ensure better athletic performance and a goal-oriented mindset.

Why choose us

Effectiveness of results

Innovative products that ensure an optimum psycho-physical condition for athletes, for any type of training, as well as before and after matches, and during post-injury recovery.

Long experience

The best international sport teams have been relying on our competence for years, choosing our innovative format for athletes’ recovery and performance enhancement.

Protocols of use

Over time, we have designed effective protocols of use, perfected thanks to the experience developed in our work with international teams and professional athletes. Systems that allow to use our equipment in a simple and correct way, for top sport performance.

Combination of sport and wellness

Our products combine with every training program, maximising effectiveness, and become valuable allies for athletes, trainers, and sport professionals.

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Health Innovation

Innovative solutions at the service of top-performance sports. Systems that allow to maximise sport performance and favour a complete and fast recovery, supporting the commitment and dedication of athletes, sports trainers and sports professionals in general.

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Infrared Therapy

An ideal solution to always achieve top results in high-performance sports. Thanks to the power of infra-red rays that transfer deep, toning heat, it is possible to quickly recover the best psycho-physical condition after exercise.

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Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal solution to recover an ideal psycho-physical condition after every training program. An environment that maximises the effects of exercise and that contributes to enhance sports performance to top levels.

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Reaction Therapy

An appropriate cold reaction is necessary to tone and recover your energies fast after the exposure to heat. Our products for the reaction therapy combine perfectly with training programs, becoming valuable allies to trainers and sports professionals.

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Kneipp Therapy

Our products for the Kneipp Therapy guarantee the benefits of the alternation between hot and cold water, favouring athletes’ psycho-physical recovery after matches and training.

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Rest is integral part of athletic preparation, and the areas devoted to it require accurate design. It is right here that body regains its energy and restores physiological balance after exercise. And it is also here that athletes can train their mind to focus constantly on the goals to be achieved.

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Extra Components

A touch of style to our solutions for well-being and recovery in the world of sports, the extra components are functional and aesthetical elements. A plus that defines in detail the exclusive environments developed for recovery and top athletic performance.

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Get inspired by our Performance Center

Mental health, physical regeneration and recovery are fundamental elements to take on the great sport challenges. The Performance Center is an area dedicated to the achievement of these goals, thanks to the innovative products and methods of use that complete the programs of coaches, physical therapists and trainers.

Are you looking for a solution for muscle recovery?

Do you know the benefits of infrared therapy in sport?

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