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The art of taking care of the body and regenerating the mind has very ancient origins. Ancient civilisations have taught us that a spa should respect the individual and their body.

We based our evolution on the cultural heritage left to us by spa traditions, and we have reinterpreted it from a modern perspective through a measured alternation of three fundamental elements: heat, water and rest, the formula that supports each one of our projects.

The origins of our method


The starting point of every wellness experience, the fundamental element of saunas and steam baths, where the body is warmed up. It causes an increase in body temperature and favours beneficial transpiration.


The fundamental element of reaction baths, which allow the body to re-balance its natural temperature after being exposed to intense heat.


It is the state in which our body experiences psycho-physical relaxation and regeneration, the perfect conclusion to every wellness program.

The evolution of wellness

This formula was the starting point that allowed us, over the years, to understand how wellness has expanded to include elements that influence every part of our life: health, physical shape, the inclination to feeling well, mental peace.

The need to further study these aspects led us to establish a specific company department for Scientific Research.

Step by step, we have understood the importance of promoting a wellness culture based on prevention, relaxation and stress management, and on the recovery of psycho-physical harmony for people worldwide.

Today, we are able to meet these requirements with innovative Wellness solutions, validated by scientific research and revolving around the individual.

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Sp.a_System® is an innovative and safe method of use for the spa that we at Starpool designed in collaboration with a medical team of thermalism experts and sports doctors, who carried our extensive scientific research on the effects of heat, water and rest on the human body. We are pioneers in our sectors precisely thanks to this system, resulting from the need to understand the physiological effects of a spa experience on people, and to create the best possible experience in terms of well-being and safety. Sp.a_System® allows the final user to employ the wellness spaces correctly and to acquire the knowledge behind it, making the most of the time spent in a spa. Allowing the guest to use the wellness areas in a more conscious way means giving them more confidence, generating wellness culture while managing the flows in a more productive way.


Relying on scientific research, we have developed four wellness programs, turning into reality the one piece that was missing to achieve a dreamlike spa. Our CEO Riccardo Turri explains: “We wanted to offer a new method of use inside spas, for each user to achieve the wellness goal they desire“.  Sp.a_system guides the spa guest in various experiences of health and wellness. Each of these experiences has a very specific goal, ranging from body relaxation to purification, toning and vitality. All of this is made easy thanks to practical individual wristbands, and the possibility to implement actual customised packages that include body treatments, sport activities, mental training, and a correct nutrition plan.