Starpool Method


The Starpool method expresses our idea of well-being, revolving around the individual and offering real benefits to body and mind. It is an ever-evolving approach that is based on a continuous activity of scientific research, which is reflected on the design and realisation of the spaces dedicated to Wellness, recovery and self-care.

Always studied and validated by our Scientific Research Department, the Starpool Method defines and promotes functional protocols of use for individuals’ health and wellness goals. The system of use is applied in each one of our Wellness solutions in the domains that we address: hotels and spas, private homes, companies, as well as the fields of Professional Sport and Beauty.


Social Spa

Sp.a_System®, realised in collaboration with a team of thermalism and sport doctors and founded on thorough scientific research about the effects of heat, water, and rest on our body, offers an innovative method for the use of spas in hotels. We are pioneers in the Wellness industry thanks to this system, developed from the need to understand the physiological effects of Wellness programs and to ensure the best possible experience. Helping guests to use the spa consciously means instilling confidence in them, by diffusing the culture of wellness and, at the same time, manage the flows effectively.

home spa

Home Spa

We believe that wellness is an actual training to living well. This is why we support our private clients with protocols of use designed specifically to work on stress management, quality of sleep, psycho-physical performance, muscle recovery and longevity. Programs and recommendations to make your home spa a true regeneration space, which blends perfectly in your daily routine. A good habit to live in one’s own privacy, or to share with one’s family or friends.


Corporate Wellness

The goal the guides us in the designing of spaces for Corporate Wellness is that of reactivating health potential and individual vitality through moments of mental and physical regeneration at work. Our Scientific Research Department stands by the companies, not only in the designing of the most suitable Recharge Room in terms of equipment and dimensions, but also provides protocols and guidelines to combine their use with workday routine, in accordance with individual and company requirements.


Recovery & Performance

In professional sport & fitness recovery is a key aspect for top performance at all times. The effectiveness of our Recovery Lab is ensured not only by a careful designing of spaces and by cutting-edge equipment, but most importantly by the definition of protocols of use that blend in perfectly in athletes’ training schedules. Our Scientific Research Department supports the team of athletic trainers, and with them develops an actual top recovery plan, defining the protocols to use before and after physical activity, on unloading days and in case of injury.


Longevity & Self-Care

Planning regeneration programs to deal effectively with stress management, sleep, mental and physical performance, and longevity has become a priority for wellness practitioners. Our  Book of Longevity Spa Programs illustrates, in an easy and brief way, the programs for using the technologies that make up the Longevity Spa, and is the ideal tool to create a treatment menu in line with the needs of a market that is increasingly attentive to the issues of living well and preventive health.



Beauty Treatments

For us at Starpool, Beauty treatments are an important aspect of living well. That’s why our experts stand by beauty centres and hotels from the designing of spaces to the choice of equipment, supporting the operators with training courses based on protocols and rituals developed to ensure treatments maximum effectiveness. Our Book of Rituals shows, in an easy and brief way a series of rituals and gestures that make the most of our products, combining perfectly with the application and massage methods of any cosmetics brand.

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