Private Wellness wellness as a daily habit


Taking care of yourself and nurturing your wellness as a good daily practice is the best way to stay healthy for a long time.

We design innovative solutions that meet the desire of those who want to live a Wellness experience in the privacy of their home, even in few square metres.

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Why choose us?

Exclusive Design

We develop comfortable and technological environments that introduce wellness and health into everyday life, as the priority for a correct and healthy lifestyle. Our Wellness solutions allow to create unique spaces characterised by a modern design, that blend perfectly in the taste, colours, and shapes of your home.


A professional spa performance at home. Quality of materials, beauty of shapes and utmost attention to details: these are the characteristics that make our wellness solutions stand out. Every project that we develop represents our desire to bring excellence to every Wellness area.”


We are innovators in the Wellness sector, and we create tailor-made solutions to meet every request. We design unique and customised environments that meet our clients’ need in terms of space, design, and well-being. We develop performing products and programs through the application of scientifically tested methods and modern technological systems.

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Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal place where to relax and release tensions. A welcoming space where the dry and intense heat embrace the guest, regenerating body and mind.

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Steam Room

A moist heat bath that favours skin natural exfoliation, promoting perspiration and offering moments of deep well-being. An elegant, unique cabin which is the result of constant technological innovation, where air, steam and fragrances merge on the skin.

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Infrared Therapy

An innovative Wellness technology that makes the most of the power of infra-red rays to relax muscles and regenerate the body, slowly but deeply. A healthy light, giving balance to the whole body for a profound daily wellness.

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Steam Shower

The moist heat of the steam bath and the regenerating freshness of water combine in an only elegant and exclusive environment. The daily shower becomes a moment of absolute well-being to live in the privacy of your home bathroom.

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Reaction Therapy

It is necessary to rebalance the body functions and temperature after the exposure to heat. An adequate cold reaction tones and balances the cardiorespiratory system. We developed various types of Reaction Therapy, one for each specific need, to ensure a complete psycho-physical regeneration, at home just like in a professional spa.

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Experience Shower

An actual multi-sensory journey to experience every day, at the beginning or at the end of your own wellness moment. The hot and scented shower with its dim colour lights offers moments of absolute pleasure.

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Health Innovation

Innovative proposals that make the most of the best technology and of the most advanced scientific research to offer you moments of both physical and mental regeneration. The products of our Health Innovation were developed to fulfill the desire of feeling good and fit in every moment of the day and everywhere, even in reduced spaces.

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We create spaces where to relax and take care of oneself in a private and cosy dimension. Allowing yourself to enjoy moments of rest is crucial to allow your body to recharge its energy and your mind to regain calm and peace at the end of the day.

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Extra Components

Essential elements that complete your home spa, enhancing it with style and function. Textiles, accessories and fragrances that turn your own wellness oasis into an exclusive environment where to recharge your energies and regenerate body and mind.

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Zerobody personal

Zerobody Dry Float Personal brings all the benefits of the Dry Float Therapy,

internationally recognised as the most effective solution for

psycho-physical regeneration, right to your doorstep.

Get inspired...

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Recovery Station

Recovery plays a key role in the life of sporty people, because good training doesn’t end with the work-out. The Recovery Station is a corner dedicated to recovery and psycho-physical regeneration, in the comfort of your own home.




Sleep Station

Sleeping well is critical to keeping healthy and living well. Over time, struggling to fall asleep or to remain asleep impacts our daily life negatively. Our Sleep Station has been developed with to goal of meeting the needs of people suffering from sleep disorders, by making falling asleep easier and by favouring deep relaxation.


Residential complex spa

What will residential complexes look like in the future? A space of efficient and sustainable living, with services dedicated to people’s well-being. If you are designing or renovating the communal areas of a residential complex, discover how to add value to the building with an authentic and exclusive Wellness offer.

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