Longevity Spa

Planning regeneration programs and specific treatments to deal effectively with stress management, sleep, psycho-physical performance and longevity has become a priority for all those working with beauty and wellness. An innovative approach to beauty, developed for those who want to devote space in their centre to preventive care and longevity.
Our Longevity Spa includes a harmonious combination of technologically sophisticated equipment and specific programs of use to keep the body’s health potential active, favouring longevity. According to the dimensions, the available resources and the goals, it is possible to choose one of four different configurations.
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Choose the configuration that suits you best


Longevity Spa Basic

Developed for those who want to keep up with the market evolution, even with little space at their disposal. It can be created inside a single cabin for customised treatments; or using an entire relaxation area, associating to each designated seat specific pieces of equipment, which transform it into an exclusive area. This configuration allows you to activate the programs of stress management and longevity that only take 20 minutes, and that are ideal for clients who do not have much time to dedicate to their well-being.




Longevity Spa Pro

Developed for those who want to enhance their beauty offer with cutting-edge technologies, such as the Dry Float Therapy associated with the anti-ageing power of molecular hydrogen. This solution allows you to offer your clients innovative treatments for the complete well-being of body and mind, which is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. This configuration allows you to offer effective and fast sessions with individual pieces of equipment, or to activate the programs targeted for stress management, sleep and longevity.




Longevity Spa Elite

Developed for those who want to complete their offer with an innovative and all-round solution for preventive care, combining the physiological effects of heat with those of cryotherapy and dry floatation.

Especially indicated for centres that also deal with the recovery of athletes and professional sports people. Longevity Spa Elite allows you to offer effective and fast sessions with individual pieces of equipment, or to activate the programs targeted for stress management, sleep, performance and longevity.



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Longevity Spa Elite Plus

Make your Longevity Spa Elite a Longevity Spa Elite Plus with a bonus: enhance your offer with photobiomodulation, a therapeutic treatment based on the emission of low-frequency light energy, which penetrates the cells through the skin, providing them with new energy.

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