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An ever evolving trend

Wellness and beauty have become true priorities in people’s life. Now more than ever, well-being – intended as an individual’s psycho-physical balance –plays a key role in the assessment of the quality of life of each one of us. This is confirmed by the objectives of the World Health Organisation itself, which sets out “the attainment, by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”, Defined as “a state of total physical, mental, and social well-being“ and not merely “the absence of disease or infirmity”.

To this regard, Katherine Johnston, senior researcher at the Global Wellness Institute, explained:
“Our relationship with wellness used to be occasional in the past, but this approach is now changing. It is quickly giving way to a wellness-oriented mindset which encompasses many aspects of our daily life, ranging from diet to more attention to the well-being of both body and mind to reduce stress”.

In fact, well-being intended as “living well” urges us to seek efficient solutions for both body and mind on a daily basis. These methods are no longer perceived as luxury, but as necessary to live a healthy and satisfactory life.

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Wellness and Beauty: the trends for the near future

Wellness and beauty: the trends for the near future
There are different types of wellness, which have different impacts on our physical and mental state:

Hygienic and safe

Let’s go through them in detail, to understand how their effects can impact well-being and beauty for every one of us.

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“Stress-relieving” wellness

Who among us has never experienced moments of great stress? In difficult times, our body produces a greater amount of cortisol which, in addition to impacting negatively on our mental peace, has harmful effects and causes body imperfections. The recent lock-downs that we have experienced have stalled our desire to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to body treatments. These very difficult times have brought to light the latent need, shared by everyone, for actual stress-relieving therapies.

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“Emotional” wellness

In an ideal world, we’d all want to dedicated ourselves to our complete well-being, but the truth is that we often need to set priorities to our choices. So, which dimension of wellness will be the most sought-after? The emotional one!

Not just beauty treatments to restore body and face, but actual holistic experiences of psycho-physical regeneration. More and more men and women have re-discovered the joy of taking care of themselves. They devote time and money to treatments and therapies, such as the Loyly and the Aufguss, or the use of Epsom Salt, which have a deep action and help them regain the balance of their emotional state, to maximise the aesthetic result.

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“Safe and hygienic” wellness

Let’s be honest: in the beauty and wellness sector, hygiene and safety have always been two key aspects. It is however equally true that, nowadays, standards and procedures require new competence. After all, clients are more and more knowledgeable, and orient their choices towards facilities and treatments that ensure utmost safety.

Authentic and certified wellness

Now more than ever, it is important to be able to differentiate between authentic wellness and beauty services, validated by scientific research, and all that is cheap “wellness offer”. The network is inhabited by “windbags” who try to mislead people by offering mediocre and ineffective products. When it comes to actual Wellness, it is necessary to turn to those who have made study, research, and development the three pillars of their philosophy.

We at Starpool have understood very well that is possible to achieve real results only by building treatments, therapies, procedures and methods on a sound scientific basis. This is the awareness that led to the creation of our products, whose function and effectiveness is based on meticulous design and in-depth analysis.

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