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We enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy and osteopathy treatments with products and methods validated by scientific research. Thanks to the competence acquired over the years and to the collaboration with doctors specialising in various fields, we create innovative Wellness solutions for the operators of this sector.

Effective solutions that can enhance and support the treatments to achieve real, beneficial, and distinctive results.

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Why choose us

Innovation at the service of your activity

Innovative techniques and cutting-edge products that meet the need of medical practices, physical therapy centres and extended care facilities to provide their clients with more and more effective solutions for psycho-physical health.

Health and prevention

Wellness solutions that promote a correct lifestyle, favouring the balance between body and mind and encouraging good habits to stay healthy for longer.

Effectiveness booster

Innovative products that enhance the effectiveness of professional treatments and therapies. Methods and protocols validated by scientific research that produce real psycho-physical benefits.

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Health Innovation

Innovative solutions and scientifically-validated methods that meet the requirements of medical and physical-therapy centres, and nursing homes. Cutting-edge techniques that enhance and improve the effectiveness of the treatments of the healthcare sector operators.

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Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal environment where to relax and release tensions. A welcoming space where the dry climate and the intense heat embrace the body, regenerating body and mind. A strong incentive to a healthy lifestyle, revolving around the respect of psycho-physical harmony.

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Infrared Therapy

The deep heat of infra-red rays is ideal to relax muscles and regenerate the body slowly and in depth. Our solutions for the Infrared Therapy combine perfectly with the treatments of medical and physical-therapy centres, and nursing homes.

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Reaction Therapy

An appropriate cold reaction stops the body overheating, making the benefits of the spa experience last after the exposure to heat. We design the areas dedicated to the Reaction Therapy carefully, to ensure authentic well-being and enhance the effectiveness of professional therapies in the healthcare sector.


Kneipp Therapy

Our products for the Kneipp Therapy guarantee the benefits of the alternation between hot and cold water, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatments and therapies of medical and physical-therapy centres, and nursing homes.



Rest is integral part of rehabilitation programs, and the spaces devoted to it require accurate design. When the body is relaxing, it absorbs the benefits of therapies, and at the same time the mind regains calm and peace.

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Extra Components

A touch of style to our solutions for well-being and recovery, the extra components are functional and aesthetical elements. A plus that defines in detail the exclusive environments developed for self-care, in medical and physical-therapy centres, and nursing homes.

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Get inspired by our Health Lab

The need to “live well” and devote time to one’s physical and mental well-being has brought to light the importance of prevention, and of the contribution made by multi-purpose medical centres promoting health. Our Health Lab is an innovative Wellness proposal, relying on cutting-edge equipment and bespoke therapeutical programs, which – thanks to the support of doctors and experts – favour a better quality of life.

Need to design or expand your centre?

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