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We enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy and osteopathy treatments with products and methods validated by scientific research. Thanks to the competence acquired over the years and to the collaboration with doctors specialising in various fields, we create innovative Wellness solutions for the operators of this sector.

Effective solutions that can enhance and support the treatments to achieve real, beneficial, and distinctive results.

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Why choose us

Innovation at the service of your activity

Innovative techniques and cutting-edge products that meet the need of medical practices, physical therapy centres and extended care facilities to provide their clients with more and more effective solutions for psycho-physical health.

Health and prevention

Wellness solutions that promote a correct lifestyle, favouring the balance between body and mind and encouraging good habits to stay healthy for longer.

Effectiveness booster

Innovative products that enhance the effectiveness of professional treatments and therapies. Methods and protocols validated by scientific research that produce real psycho-physical benefits.

Health Innovation

Innovative solutions and scientifically-validated methods that meet the requirements of medical and physical-therapy centres, and nursing homes. Cutting-edge techniques that enhance and improve the effectiveness of the treatments of the healthcare sector operators.


Zerobody Dry Float

Zerobody Dry Float is an innovative and patented system to regenerate body and mind. It is an effective and versatile solution for Dry Float Therapy: the body floats over 400 litres of warm water, without the need to get undressed or wet.


Zerobody Cryo

Zerobody Cryo is Starpool’s revolution for the world of Cold Therapy: innovative in its simplicity, safety and accessibility, it features a patented water membrane that wraps the body entirely without the need to get wet, at a functioning temperature of 4-6°C in a safe and non-invasive environment.

PBM evidenza


Photobiomodulation, is an innovative therapeutic technique working with the emission of light energy at low frequency that causes no discomfort and impacts positively on people’s health. This treatment allows a reduction in inflammation and in post-traumatic edema, reducing pain and increasing the capacity of tissues to repair themselves.


Molecular Hydrogen Booster

The Molecular Hydrogen Booster is a practical nasal inhalation system that can be used in any context of daily life. It is an innovative technique – accessible to all, easy to use, and with a broad variety of psycho-physical benefits.

Wellness Coach-copertina

Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach is the virtual guide for the well-being of body and mind. An interactive system to feel good and fit, through the Brain Training contents developed in collaboration with renowned partners from the sectors of research and sports. With Wellness Coach, the moments dedicated to rest turn into actual experiences of psycho-physical regeneration, in a few minutes and even with little space available.

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