Mindful Beauty

The new trend for spas and beauty centres

Have you ever heard about Mindful Beauty?
If you run a spa or a beauty centre, you may have noticed the growing demand for face and body treatments from a younger and younger audience. That’s right: the Millenials and the “Gen Z” girls are stressed and anxious, and they don’t only need to feel pretty, but also to relax and acquire greater self-confidence.

Besides surveys and market analysis, the stars confirm it too. From Madonna to Lady Gaga, there are many celebrities who are publicly admitting their insecurities. This is why a growing number of beauty professionals are completing their offer of body treatments with innovative services of relaxation and mental wellness.

If you want to keep up with the times and introduce Mindful Beauty in your centre, here are some tips for you.



Mindfulness can be defined as the “art of living the present moment well”. It helps to manage stress, emotions, changes and to improve the quality of our life.
Why, then, not introducing it in your business? Offer your clients the chance to train their mind with guided Mindfulness programs, while you take care of their body with your massages and beauty treatments.



The studies on consumption phenomena and on sector trends confirm an increasing interest for breathing techniques: they are considered one of most effective solutions for physical and mental well-being.
The guided breathing exercises – chosen according to the specific needs of the guest – are a precious tool for well-being. The mind “trains” in order to achieve deep and lasting relaxation, while the body is pampered with a massage or with a beauty treatment.

Mindful Beauty

Conscious Beauty

The difficulties and fear arisen over the months of forced coexistence with the Coronavirus have triggered a change in our habits. We have realised that happiness, in its most sustainable and lasting sense, depends on the ability of our immune system to defend us from outer threats and on our mental balance. Not so much on beauty touch-ups and appearance.
We’re out for the pursuit of “conscious beauty”, intended as self-acceptance and research of physical and mental balance, to be preserved through a wellbeing routine of small details and self-care.

Keep up with times Follow our exclusive beauty formula

With Nuvola Dry Float Therapy, you can add an effective and innovative solution to the traditional body treatments, to reduce stress and regenerate body and mind.
Completing your offer with dry floatation allows you to:
Acquire new market segments: men and women of all age group who don’t ask for a massage, but who are looking for effective and versatile relaxation solutions.
Build the loyalty of your existing clients: by offering your treatments on Nuvola, you will be able to maximise their effectiveness and transform them in an actual spa experience.

And training your mind to wellbeing? Rely on our Wellness Coach. An actual virtual trainer, with audio-guide Mindfulness programs and breathing techniques. These contents, played as background music during the treatment, offer your guest the utmost expression of physical and mental relaxation.

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Wellness Coach

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