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“When people work in a place that favours positive thought, they are free to do their best in terms of productivity, collaboration and creativity” Beatriz Arantes, Research and Senior Developer at Workspace Futures

For over 105 years, Steelcase has designed and created sophisticated work spaces, where architecture, interiors, and technological solutions allow the maximum expression of human potential. At Steelcase, people can count on a workplace where to feel, think and act at their best. The company has adopted a positive approach to daily life: employees have spaces and opportunities for psyhco-physical recovery, which allow them to deal with their daily activities with a balanced approach.

Steelcase promoters

Promoters of Corporate Wellness Culture

This company has always been committed to research, and has identified three different dimensions to individual well-being: physical, cognitive and social. Although the physical dimension is the best known and measurable, the studies in Steelcase have confirmed the need to rethink their employees’ well-being in a holistic perspective: taking into account all three of these dimensions, it is possible to meet the physical, psychological and cognitive needs of individuals.

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Zerobody at Steelcase

Including Zerobody in the working environment allows to fully implement the concept of well-being, giving people the chance to regenerate completely. In an environment like the one at Steelcase, which was designed to favour the connection between the physical and cognitive dimensions of well-being in the first place, Zerobody is a natural extension of the values in which the company strongly believes.”


Daniel Brecheis

HR Executive Manager, Steelcase

“More and more case histories prove that investments in wellness have a direct impact on company results, thanks to employees that are more creative and innovative, healthy and motivated. With this in mind, we learned Starpool and their approach to Corporate Wellness. When we discovered Zerobody Dry Float, its scientifically proven effectiveness for the regeneration of body and mind, and how easy it is to include it in everyone’s daily work activity, we immediately decided to make it part of our Learning & Innovation Center in Munich.”

Feedback on Zerobody

Daniel Perez Marin, Senior Producer Engineer

“I’ must say, it is much more than I expected! It is an extraordinary feeling, you feel truly regenerated in the end! All of you at LINC…you must try it! I’ll book another half hour as soon as possible!”

Jan Berrghaus, Senior Project Manager

“I have tried Zerobody, it is extraordinary! Thanks for installing it in our Wellness Room!”

Andrea Fischer, Dealer Business Manager

“It is a fantastic opportunity for all of us. Thanks for bringing it here.”

Shabana Sajath Sajath Ahamad, Office Administrator

“It is amazing! 10 minutes of pure relaxation to regenerate both body and mind.”