Brandnamic is one of the largest full-service marketing agencies for hotels and destinations. For over twenty years, thanks to sector experts, it has offered its clients a complete, all-round service.
The name of the agency is derived from the combination of the words “brand” and “dynamic”, and expresses the dynamism that makes the young teams stand out day by day.

As the name suggests, Brandnamic is always ready to take on new challenges, and that guarantees creativity and professionalism to its clients.
The company has 140 employees, most of whom at the Brandnamic Camous in Brixen; the others are active on the two minor offices in Meran and Munich, Bayern.

Brandnamic 1

The design of the workspaces at Brandnamic always revolves around the concept of work-life balance. This is especially clear in the Brandnamic Campus in Brixen: a building surrounded by greenery that offers its employees more than just a wonderful view, but also restaurants, a gym, a hair salon, and a physical therapist is regularly present too. One of the many rooms available to the team is the Lagoon room, featuring a Zerobody.

Brandnamic 2

Why Zerobody?

Brandnamic followed in the steps of the great companies like Nestlé, choosing Starpool as Wellness partner with Zerobody and pleasing all the employees: the team members’ well-being is fundamental for the company. Mental and physical well-being is the foundation of creativity, which is critical for an agency like Brandnamic.
Employees can easily take advantage of the Zerobody experience upon reservation. Inside the room, the team members have brochures at their disposal, so that they can use Zerobody correctly and make the most of all the benefits.
Even people visiting the company have the chance to try the Zerobody bed during the guided tour of the Campus.

Michael Oberhofer cropped

Michael Oberhofer

CEO, Brandnamic

“Brandnamic Management has its employees’ well-being at heart. Brandnamic Campus is the kingdom of creativity, but when work gets tough, a well-deserved relaxation break is what we need to recharge our batteries and have better and better ideas. When I manage to take some time for myself, I lie down on Zerobody Dry Float too, to indulge in absolute well-being, just like our team members.”

Feedback about Zerobody

Mara Überegger

“I was so relaxed that my mind drifted away.”

Vera Nussbaumer

“One brief session on Zerobody was enough to forget all stress.”

Ralf Kohler

“I experienced the most energising power nap of my life on Zerobody.”

Eliana Arpaia

“Lying on Zerobody led me to a state of absolute quiet.”

Franziska Hilpold

“The relaxing music and play of lights pampered me like never before.”