Why should a company invest in Mindfulness

In recent years, Mindfulness has reached the whole world. People talk about it more and more, and approach this mental exercise to make the most of its advantages in daily life. However, the debate on the real benefits of Mindfulness in companies is still too scarce: this exercise in awareness and mental presence doesn’t only produce psycho-physical benefits, but it also allows the company that implement it to obtain an actual ROI.

In short: it is not just the right thing to do in a historic moment where people are the actual key to success, but is also an effective investment that, as such, produces returns in the long term. More empathy, more listening, more balance: that is, more emotional and social intelligence.

Here are four good reasons to introduce Mindfulness in your company:

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Mindfulness reduces stress and the risk for burnout

Mindfulness allows people to shift towards a more conscious attitude regarding the causes of stress, and teaches them to manage it constructively. This promotes a fulfilling work life and better performance. Corporate Wellness should not be perceived as a brief relaxing break every now and then, but as a more balanced way to live daily life at work, one moment after the other.

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Mindfulness reduces employee turnover and increases productivity

If people are the key to success in companies, then a high employee turnover rate is a serious threat to company results. Some studies show that high turnover rates entail costs that are greater by 200% than an employee’s annual salary. Recent studies identified a positive relation between Mindfulness and the level of commitment and dedication. Mindfulness also has positive effects on productivity, resulting in a physical and mental state of greater focus and positive attitude in the performance of company tasks.

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Mindfulness helps you to recruit the best talents

If you had a choice between a company that invests in the well-being of its employees and one that doesn’t, what would you choose? Mindfulness offers an extraordinary competitive edge to the companies that implement it, both for the well-being that is produced at work, and for the advantaged that people get to “take home” with them and exploit in every other aspect of their life. This is why some big names like Google, Apple, and Nike have chosen it!


Mindfulness stimulates creativity and innovation

A scientific study conducted at the University Erasmus of Rotterdam showed how just a few minutes of Mindfulness each day led to a considerable increase in “divergent thinking” and in the number of ideas that the analysed subjects were able to produce. Creativity and innovation, also understood as the ability to manage problems in an “alternative” way by adopting “creative” solutions”, are skills that have become absolutely necessary for companies.

Hence, Mindfulness is good for you on every level: it meets the requirements of a more and more attentive market in terms of social responsibility and wellness culture at work, and, in addition, it offers a substantial and evident ROI. Investing in Mindfulness means guaranteeing less stress, less turnover, more productivity, more talent, and more innovation at work.

Brain Training with our solutions for Corporate Wellness

We have developed a platform of contents dedicated to Brain Training, designed to make the training to mental wellness a good daily habit at work too. In a partnership with Nicola De Pisapia, neuroscientist and Assistant Professor in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology, we have realised five audio guided programs: each program trains specific brain areas, adjusting perfectly to the various needs of the employees, from mental presence, to creativity, to the effective management of stress and emotions.

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