Recharge Room Pro

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Our Recharge Room Pro is the ideal format to offer your company a complete solution for Corporate Wellness. It doesn’t require much space or dedicated personnel for its management, adjusting perfectly to the requirements of both large and small companies.

With Recharge Room Pro you bring the regenerating power of the Dry Float Therapy – fast, suitable to everyone and with no contraindication – into your company, with beneficial effects on your associates’ psycho-physical well-being and on the company atmosphere as a whole. This is why it has also been the choice of large international companies such as Nestlé group and Steelcase.

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Zerobody Dry Float

Zerobody Dry Float is the new proposal by Starpool to create an actual Recharge Room pro in your company. Developed to dedicate quality time to your psycho-physical well-being, it is the fastest and most effective way to recharge thanks to the Dry Float Therapy combined with the audio-guide Mindfulness and breathing programs. Thanks to the protocols realised by our Scientific Research Department according to the Starpool method, you only need 10 minutes to regain your energy, to face the most challenging work activities in the best possible way, or to continue your work day with drive and motivation.

Recharge Room

Recharge Room