Good posture and productivity at work

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Non-verbal communication accounts for about 70% of communicative effectiveness. That’s why a good posture is a real calling card, saying a lot about both our physical and mental health. It’s not just about the standards that characterize a “fierce” posture, with open shoulders and a high chin, and one that is more submissive, with closed shoulders and folded arms. It is about one’s own personal well-being and productivity.

We may say that good posture is an actual strategy, resulting from a close relationship between our neurological system and the outer environment. In short, it is the briefest and most transparent way in which we can claim our place in the world, conveying it through non-verbal communication.

A good posture must always comply with three fundamental principles:  comfort, low energy consumption and absence of pain. Ultimately, our body “deserves” a position that is comfortable, inexpensive in terms of energy consumption, and that doesn’t cause pain. If the position is correct, you don’t have to put too much of an effort in it. In fact, too much effort causes stiffness and unpleasant contractures.


Molecular hydrogen prevents cellular ageing, favours cognitive enhancement and it is the ideal solution for companies that are in search of effective and versatile solutions for their employees’ well-being.

Corporate Wellness

Over the last few years, thanks to the growing awareness regarding the human factor, the Corporate Wellness has given companies various solutions to allow employees to maintain a correct posture. The solutions range from the design of cutting-edge work areas with sophisticated desks and chairs to courses of ergonomics and posture for the employees. Investing in people’s wellbeing at work is a key factor that actually leads to more long-lasting commitment and results in a short time.


The Recharge Room with Zerobody is the ideal solution for recharging energy during the working day. Easy, fast and effective, it is a space of well-being that is good for the whole company.

Recharge Room

Zerobody fits perfectly in such a context: an advanced, effective, fast system for physical and mental recovery and regeneration. The therapeutic effect of dry floatation, with zero points of contact on the body, relaxes the spine and the muscle contractures and favors the venous and lymphatic circulation: a quick 10-minutes “power nap” to regenerate and resume work at your best!

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“When people work in a place that favours positive thought, they are free to do their best in terms of productivity, collaboration and creativity”.


Beatriz Arantes, Research and Senior Developer at Workspace Futures



“When we tried Zerobody for the first time, it was immediately clear to us how much our co-workers would appreciate it.”

Stephane Cosandey, Health & Safety Manager

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“When I manage to take some time for myself, I lie down on Zerobody too, to indulge in absolute well-being, just like our team members.”

Michael Oberhofer, CEO Brandnamic

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