Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, based in Vevey – Switzerland, where it was founded over 150 years ago. The Company is present in 189 countries around the world, with 328.000 employees.

Thanks to a global strategy focused on Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Nestlé aims to improve quality of life with scientifically proven nutritional and therapeutic solutions for every age group, that may help consumers to take care of themselves and of their families.

Nestlè Wellness

Nestlè Wellness Center

As the world’s largest food manufacturer, Nestlé takes health very seriously and, as a major employer, that responsibility extends to employee wellness. The purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future starts with people working in the Company. For this reason, Nesté decided to dedicate a whole building to health and wellness. There, employees can access a wide range of well-being services and facilities, including Yoga & Gym, Maternity corner, Meditation and Relaxation area.


Zerobody to regenerate body and mind

In the Relaxation Area, you can find a Recharge Room that has been designed and realised with the support of our Corporate Wellness experts. Inside, our Zerobody is available, upon booking online or through the specific device on the front door, for a regeneration break that can last up to 30 minutes during your work day. Zerobody is additional confirmation of Nestlé’s commitment to employees’ health, and it makes the Company a more enjoyable and healthier workplace. Moreover, it allows employees to disconnect for a moment and then come back to their activities with more clarity and awareness.


Stephane Cosandey

Head Office Health & Safety Management, Nestlé

“We chose Starpool with the aim of broadening our wellness service offer and enhance our Relaxation area with an effective solution that suits everyone. When we tried Zerobody Dry Float for the first time, it was immediately clear to us how much our co-workers would appreciate it.”