The new wellness areas at Casa Starpool

“The new Starpool headquarters is alive, breathing, developing”, claimed Riccardo Turri, CEO, during the 2020 opening of our renovated company.

These simple words eventually turned out to be a promise. From that day on, Casa Starpool has never stopped: it has kept on evolving and improving together with all the people who are part of it. And today, three years later, we can present some new spaces dedicated to people’s well-being. Spaces that may inspire you for your future projects. Spaces that you’ll be able to try out. Spaces that will surprise you and offer you unexpected experiences.

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Longevity Spa

On the ground floor of Casa Starpool, we’ve recreated a space dedicated to longevity. This market trend is becoming an actual need. Preventive care is priority for people, and we at Starpool offer the Longevity Spa format: a harmonious combination of technologically sophisticated equipment and specific programs of use to keep the body’s health potential active. In this specific are, it is possible to view and try the beneficial effects of Zerobody Dry Float, Zerobody Cryo, Wellness Coach, Photobiomodulation and Molecular Hydrogen Booster.


Treatment Room

Not just Longevity Spa: we have also dedicated a whole area to the world of beauty, with the Treatment Room format. An example of how Nuvola, Soffio, Battista and Wellness Coach, combined between them and with the skilful hands of the operator, enhance the effectiveness of both treatments and ritual.
Besides being a show-room, this area is also destined to products trial and training sessions given by our Spa Trainer.


Recovery Lab

We have created the Recovery Lab format to meet the needs of sport clubs and facilities that want innovation and to devote some space entirely to recovery. At the very heart of Casa Starpool, on the first floor, you’ll find an area dedicated to athletes and to all our guests who want to try the benefits of Sport Sauna, Sport Infrared Cabin, Zerobody Dry Float, Zerobody Cryo, Ice Bath and Infrared Lounger. Combined differently among them and with specific programs of use, these pieces of equipment improve the pre-training and post-training activity, as well as the rest days of every athlete.


Hospitality Area

Not just spaces dedicated to well-being. Adjoining the Wellness Terrace at Casa Starpool, we have introduced a new hospitality area destined to sharing. An all-round sharing at that, with areas dedicated to co-working, meetings and exchange of ideas in a less formal setting. This space is equipped with a professional kitchen to use for events and company parties, but also for the employees’ every-day lunch. There are tables, TVs and sofas. All of this with a Sport Wall as backdrop: an entire wall set up with T-shirts and items of sport teams or individual athletes who have chosen us as wellness partner for their recovery.

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