Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach is the virtual guide for the well-being of body and mind. An interactive system to feel good and fit, through the Brain Training contents developed in collaboration with renowned partners from the sectors of research and sports. With Wellness Coach, the moments dedicated to rest turn into actual experiences of psycho-physical regeneration, in a few minutes and even with little space available.

The guided Mindfulness and breathing programs were developed to ensure a type of mental well-being that impacts positively on many aspects of daily life, from work, to education, to professional sport. A versatile and intuitive software that allows the users to select the activity of their choosing according to their own wellness goal, and the desired difficulty level.

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Wellness Coach Personal

The Personal model, equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and designed to enhance individual rest, is ideal in the relaxation areas of hotels or companies, as an effective tool for wellness at work. Versatile in its use, it is especially suited even in the world of sports, as an ally for mental training, focus and stress management.

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Wellness Coach Social

The Social model, equipped with a Bluetooth high-quality loudspeaker, is the ideal solution for a shared mental training. The software allows to schedule Brain Training events, making Wellness Coach the perfect solution to plan actual Mindfulness or guided breathing events in hotels, companies, and gyms.

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available .

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Data sheet


27W X 27D X 122H - Wellness Coach Social
27W X 27D X 65H - Wellness Coach Personal


15,8 Kg - Wellness Coach Social
9,2 Kg - Wellness Coach Personal


230 VAC

Max Consumption

200 W

Functioning temperature (max)

40 °C

Functioning humidity (max)

40 – 45%


Hight-quality audio speaker with Bluetooth - Wellness Coach Social
Hight-quality headphones with Bluetooth - Wellness Coach Personal


Metal varnished in matt black

Volume activation and adjustment from display, possible connection to client’s audio system
with 3.5 mm male stereo audio connector.





The supplied Brain Training contents