Casa Starpool Our workplace

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People-oriented spaces, where function is connected to the harmony of shapes, designed to promote the sharing of ideas and wellness experiences: here are our headquarters in Ziano di Fiemme.

It is the beating heart of each of our Wellness Concepts, the place where our entire production chain begins and ends. It is here that, every day, we base our work on the respect and enhancement of tradition, on innovation and scientific contribution, on the value of competence and experience.

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A Competence Center

We have turned our headquarters into a competence and excellence centre, where the spaces are ever evolving and open to guests and clients who want to take a look at all the realisation phases of our Wellness solutions: from the design to the installation, from the research and development to the production.

It houses offices, production departments, a Training Centre, a Show Room and a Corporate Spa. Passion and scientific research guide us to make wellness a daily achievement, more and more accessible and sustainable.

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People at the heart of it all

Our community has over 100 people. We work together, and we feel part of a social ecosystem with shared values.

The human component is crucial to us, and our way of doing business reflects it, in that we aim to give value to the story of every single person that comes into contact with our world. Only in this way can we become true wellness ambassadors.

Casa Starpool-territorio

Val di Fiemme: our territory

Val di Fiemme, a valley in the foothills of the Dolomites: here is our place of birth and our eternal source of inspiration, taking us to higher and higher goals. Our connection with this territory is vital.

To us, it is a treasure chest of traditional knowledge and distinctive skills, from which we draw to give value to our Made in Italy. Wood and the quality of raw materials combined with innovation give shape to our wellness solutions, which represent the strong union that keeps together the community we belong to.