Molecular Hydrogen Booster

Molecular hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, and is formed by two atoms of hydrogen combined. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, it can reach the tissues and cells in the body quickly, and works as a selective collector for free radicals, acting on the ones that are the most harmful to the cellular system.

The Molecular Hydrogen Booster is a practical nasal inhalation system that can be used in any context of daily life. It is an innovative technique – accessible to all, easy to use, and with a broad variety of psycho-physical benefits. Everyone can benefit from the Molecular Hydrogen Booster, a cutting-edge technique that can be used at any moment, with ease and even in small spaces.

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The many uses of molecular hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant with beneficial effects on both body and mind: it prevents cellular ageing, favours cognitive enhancement and, for this reason, it is the ideal solution for companies that are in search of effective and versatile solutions for their employees’ well-being. It is especially indicated for muscle recovery after physical activity and is an extraordinary tool for those who practice sport, even at a competetive level: it reduces the sense of fatigue, prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, favouring, in this way, top athletic performance.

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Molecular hydrogen and mental wellness

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, molecular hydrogen may act on neural function too, and in particular on memory and focus. It reduces anxiety, promotes good mood, increases the ability to fight stress and favours focus and attention. All of these are fundamental elements to reach a deep psycho-physical well-being that can last over time. The Molecular Hydrogen Booster also offers new opportunities to spas and, if combined with traditional treatments, it enhances their effects. By promoting the natural functioning of biochemical products and reducing oxidisation, it favours deep well-being, which reflects on the tissues like an anti-ageing effect.

Technical specifications

In this section, you will learn more about product details, display the coverings and download the technical documents available.

  • Data sheet

Data sheet

Dimensions (cm)

23W X 62D X 52H

Weight (Kg)



230 VAC

Max consumption (Kw)


Functioning temperature max.

45 °C

Functioning humidity max.


Hydrogen gas generation

1500 cc/min

Water tank capacity (lt)


Max time setting

5h50 continuous operation