Ice Bath

Ice Bath is a simple and versatile solution to enjoy actual baths in icy water and have all the benefits of the cold therapy. Ideal for recovery in professional sports and gyms, it features sophisticated design and a set of functions that make it perfect for wellness and home contexts as well.

Ice Bath pro is designed to be used between +4 and +8 °C. However, this technology allows to set the water temperature up to a maximum of +38 °C: the installation of two adjacent pools allows Ice Bath to turn into an effective solution also for the beneficial alternation of hot and cold temperatures of the Kneipp Therapy.

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Cold Therapy: benefits

The cold therapy cools off the skin, stimulating the immune and metabolic system.

This physiology of cold exposure causes a general state of well-being and specific physical and mental benefits:

  1. easing of muscle and joint pain;
  2. reduced levels of stress;
  3. immune system strenghtening;
  4. promotion of fast and effective muscle recovery;
  5. skin rejuvanation.

Choose the version that suits you best

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Ice Bath pro

Ice Bath pro is an effective solution to make the most of the benefits of cold therapy. Designed for the simultaneous use by 3 to 5 people, it is equipped with all the necessary functions to ensure an optimum recovery experience.


Ice Bath personal

Ice Bath personal is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy cold therapy in a comfortable, effective and exclusive way. Realised for individual use, up to a maximum of two people, it ensures a customised experience and utmost psycho-physical recovery.

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