Wellspring Longevity Club

Wellspring Longevity Club, opened at the end on 2023 in Milan, is a healthcare centre specialised in solutions of Biohacking and Health Optimization and operating in the sector of personal care. Its method is based on the pursuit of psychophysical well-being, through the integration of innovative solutions aimed to optimise wellness potential and individual vitality.
Wellspring implements its method through two fundamental factors: technology, thanks to technological devices and tools taking advantage of the natural benefits of cold, heat, water, air and light, like Zerobody Dry Float by Starpool, but also photobiomodulation, cryotherapy and molecular hydrogen. And competence: experts , like health and mental coaches and nutritionists, use innovative testing methods to carry out specific assessments, which they then interpret to identify the optimisation areas of the wellness potential during individual consults.


The Wellspring programs

At Wellspring Longevity Club, it is possible to choose between single treatments and programs developed by the various medical advisers focusing on different aspects:
Longevity, with the goal of slowing osteo-articular ageing and prevent neurodegenerative processes;
Immune/Detox, to detoxify organic tissues from the accumulation of metabolic waste and external pollutants;
Mind, to improve stress management and the rebalancing of the central and autonomous nervous system;
Performance, to optimise mitochondrial function, anti-oxidation mechanism and brain recovery acceleration;
Beauty, to work on the enhancement of collagen production to fight the signs of skin slackening and of muscle tone to reduce fat and inflammation.


Dr. Vincenzo Primitivo


“What makes us stand out from the competition is our customer service mindset, which is completely focused on the client. These are our commandments: we do everything we possibly can to make people’s life better; we’re genuinely interested in solving the problems that our clients address to us; and we see the world through their eyes, treating each of them differently to offer a unique experience.”