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Located in Braunschweig with its traditional timber frame houses, there stands Advanced Health – a cutting-edge healthcare centre focused on performance, resilience and longevity. The team of qualified professionals works closely with every patient to develop a bespoke course of treatment, in order to meet any need or goal.

The centre promotes health and wellness through new technologies, and Zerobody Dry Float – with its Brain Training programs – fits in this context perfectly.


Dry Float Therapy and design

Leona, Luise and Julia – the owners of Advanced Health – have chosen Zerobody Dry Float for their centre, fascinated not only by its benefits and functions, but also by its design. They defined it as a beautiful item that helps make the atmosphere better. It lends a touch of refinement, elegance and innovation, while its minimal appearance offers a sensation of calm and peace.  Clients are motivated by these elements to try the experience, and have confirmed them.

To make the most of its therapeutic benefits, Zerobody Dry Float is located in a space that was designed specifically to convey peace and relaxation. The deep walls and double door ensure maximum privacy, helping patients with problems such as burnout, sleep troubles, stress and chronic fatigue.


Dry Float Therapy and infusion therapy

Dry floatation is combined with infusion therapy, making the latter more comfortable thanks to the reduced gravity. In this way, removing the traditional point of contacts of the traditional therapy, patients adjust better to the session and don’t require constant medical supervision.


Feedback from the people who used Zerobody Dry Float

Zerobody Dry Float at Advanced Health attracted many intrigued patients who tried it and enjoyed its beneficial effects, like the improvement of mood and sleep and deep mental relaxation, which, in turn, has mitigated the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

And that’s not all: some clients claim to feel lighter and unburdened.  Others describe it as a journey toward a regular and deep sleep, that leads to a feeling of overall well-being during the rest of the day too. Some other clients who suffer from chronic pain told us that floatation has made their therapy more effective and practical by favouring muscle relaxation.



Feedback from the owners Leona Kröhle, Luise Volenand, Julia Klein

Zerobody Dry Float has significantly contributed to the success of our clinic, both in terms of revenue and patient satisfaction. Working with people who fight against chronic pain and stress is not always easy, but dry floatation has really made a difference in our ability to provide effective therapies.  The benefits of Zerobody Dry Float by Starpool cover a wide spectrum, and may have a major impact on patients’ general health. From stress reduction to sleep improvement, to the mitigation of depression symptoms: it’s no wonder that so many patients have found this therapy so effective.”