Nursing home “Fondazione Maria Rossi”

Nestled between the mountains and plain of Veneto, there rises Fregona, a small town that hosts “Casa Amica”, the nursing home run by the Maria Rossi foundation. This social services facility accommodates 87 elderly people with different degrees of autonomy.

The centre is also attended by volunteers and family members who are engaged in the various daily activities, which are all inspired by the normal life and biographical continuity of each individual.


Combining wellness and therapies

Since 2017, the centre has been on a path of innovative growth and development, focusing on the preservation of ancient values, such as the respect of people’s dignity, the promotion of one’s emotions and the support, comfort and convenience of the environment. All of this is set in a modern and informal framework that makes the guests feel the warmth of their own home.

This is the context in which, today, stand multiple Wellness areas, such as the gym, the Vitamin bar and the spa, where guests and staff may devote quality time to self-care.


A nurse during a session of Dry Float Therapy combined with breathing techniques

The added value of the Dry Float Therapy

The desire to include innovative and effective solutions for regenerative well-being has directed the staff’s choice to the Dry Float Therapy. Zerobody Dry Float easy use and the absence of contraindications or age limits were the determining factors in this choice. Both the facility employees and volunteers use it regularly, thus enjoying moments of deep psycho-physical regeneration during the workday.

fondazione maria rossi

A guest of the facility while preparing for a Dry Float Therapy session, assisted by the medical staff

Zerobody Dry Float, an ally for elder care

Zerobody Dry Float is administered in the same way as a drug. This is why its use is recommended every day or almost every day, best if combined with SPA or gym activities. Its constant use is precisely what generates the greatest benefits for the elderly residents: the reduction of anxiety and compulsive behaviour, for instance, is a critical aspect that ensures better quality of life for them.

bernardo franco

Bernardo Franco

Direttore Casa Amica ONLUS

La scelta strategica di Casa Amica è quella di distinguersi dal resto delle strutture in un mercato ad alto tasso di competitività. È chiaro che per fare questo è necessario scegliere aziende partner che sappiano coniugare proposte di alta qualità ed innovazione. Starpool rappresenta il giusto connubio tra stile, lusso e benessere competente. Ci ha colpito molto la loro capacità di mettere a disposizione le proprie soluzioni anche grazie ad un costante supporto formativo. Dopo aver provato Zerobody Dry Float ed esserci confrontati con il nostro staff, è stato semplice scegliere di inserirlo all’interno del Centro e renderlo fruibile non solo agli ospiti, ma anche ai dipendenti e volontari.

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