Infrared Therapy

Features and benefits

You certainly know the famous and more popular Finnish sauna, but have you ever heard about the infrared sauna? It is becoming more and more popular thanks to the features and benefits of the Infrared Therapy.

Classic Infrared Cabin 1Classic Infrared Cabin 1

The origins of the Infrared Therapy

The sun constantly emits different types of rays: the infra-red rays, for example, which carry energy in the form of heat. They are essential to the survival of living beings on Earth, and, for this reason, infra-red rays are studied to be applied in the fields of medicine, beauty care, and wellness.

The distinctive ability of the infra-red rays is that of penetrating the skin, carrying the heat in depth.  With the Infrared Therapy, the skin is subjected to less stress than inside a Finnish sauna and perspires at a mild, completely bearable temperature.

infrared 1

The features of Infrared Therapy

One of the wellness solutions to experience the Infrared Therapy is the infra-red sauna, known by the experts as Infrared Cabin. But what is it exactly? The infra-red sauna has the same structure as the Finnish Sauna, except for the absence of a stove to heat the cabin.

In its place, wall-mounted ceramic infra-red lamps filled with lava sand release heat through an ergonomic seat.

infrared 2

Session duration

The temperature inside the Infrared Therapy cabins is around 35-40°C, which allows the body to relax and unwind.

The recommended session time may vary:

  • from 15 minutes, to activate circulation and for general warming up;
  • to 45 minutes, if the goal is to relax muscles and to start perspiration, promoting the elimination of harmful substances through the skin.

A fresh or lukewarm shower is recommended after the exposure to infra-red rays.

infrared 3

What happens to your body

This type of exposure to heat “cheats” the body control system, conveying a mild and physiological heat that is carried to the most peripheral parts of the body, thanks to the activation of blood micro-circulation.

The inner temperature increases by 0,2°C/0,3°C, the circulatory system is not overstrained, and the perspiration is not abundant, making the Infrared Therapy very practical for athletes even before competitions in order to not dehydrate their body excessively.

The benefits of the Infrared Therapy

The benefits that we can obtain from the Infrared Therapy are:

  • improvement of blood micro-circulation
  • muscle relaxation and relief from back contractures and tension
  • elimination of metabolic waste
  • increase of blood flow to the tissues, toning and regenerating the skin
  • production of serotonin, reducing stress and anxiety.

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