Combi Sauna

Thanks to Combi Sauna, you can choose between tradition and innovation, in the form of the intense heat of the Finnish sauna or the gentle and deep one of the infrared sauna. Thanks to a unique environment that brings together and combines the benefits of two different ways of living regenerating, private and customised Wellness, you are free to experience an ever-changing wellness whenever you want.

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Combined wellness

Combi Sauna is a practical and complete solution that includes and combines, in one environment, the traditional stove typical of the Finnish sauna and the infra-red lamps, which warm up the body through the ergonomic seat. The Finnish sauna is the ideal place where to relax, relieve muscles and regenerate deeply. Infra-red lamps, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for an effective and localised heat treatment.

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Profound and lasting beneficial effects

Combi Sauna is the ideal formula for those who are in search of a versatile and complete solution that fits in every environment. The Finnish sauna offers all the benefits of intense heat, and an experience of profound regeneration. It functions as an actual cardiovascular passive training, which is especially indicated for athletes who want to keep a high preparation level even on rest days. The infra-red rays, on the other hand, warm up the body with a localised and deep heat treatment, which is ideal for recovery after physical exercise.

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