The Performance Center in your sport organisation


What matters in sports is not just intense training, or strain, but also being able to measure our mental health, rest and muscle recovery in a smart way.

The Performance Center is an innovative concept of health and well-being, a space where athletes can restore their right physiological and biological values, restoring and increasing their strength after matches or training sessions.

Developed thanks to our experience with international sport teams and health professionals, the Performance Center combines innovative products and effective methods of use for top-performance sport.

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Finnish Sauna

The sauna is the athletes’ number one ally. It favours muscle recovery and fast elimination of toxins, in addition to maintaining the heart trained and healthy. Combi Sauna, an environment combining the Finnish sauna and the Infrared sauna, is our proposal for a Performance Center that suits the various needs of different athletes. The dry and intense heat of the Finnish sauna promotes passive cardiovascular training on unloading days. The localised heat treatment of the Infra-red sauna, on the other hand, offers the regenerating benefits of the sauna without excessive perspiration, making it the ideal solution for the recovery after matches and intense training sessions.

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Cold Pool

Water is the fundamental element that is always at the centre of our company’s DNA, and that expresses its regenerating power to the full in the Performance Center thanks to the Cold Pool. A pool of cold water where to dive after the exposure to the intense heat of the Finnish sauna, to restore the natural body temperature, regain energy and maintain muscle tone.

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Zerobody Dry Float

The benefits of heat and water are completed by those of Zerobody Dry Float, an innovative system to regenerate body and mind thanks to the power of the Dry Float Therapy. Employed by the great American teams and by international athletes in a wide variety of disciplines, from football to ski, from hockey to basketball, Zerobody Dry Float combines the benefits of floatation to a fast and versatile method of use. Already effective after just 20 minutes and without any contraindication, it is the ideal solution to fight muscle pain, favour recovery after a workout and experience a moment of deep regeneration right at home. The audio-guide Mindfulness and breathing contents that are supplied with Zerobody Dry Float allow you to maximise rest by training your mind with programs for focus and stress management.


Molecular Hydrogen Booster

Innovation and effectiveness are elements that characterise the Molecular Hydrogen Booster too – a valuable ally for a cutting-edge Performance Center. The oxidative stress caused by free radicals is a bitter enemy of sporty people: in fact, physical exercise boosts metabolism and cellular respiration, thus increasing the production of oxiders and lactic acid.

There’s where molecular hydrogen comes into play: thanks to its anti-oxidant power, it prevents cellular ageing and is particularly suited for recovering after exercising. Thanks to a comfortable and versatile system of intranasal inhalation, Molecular Hydrogen Booster has definitely become one of the most innovative and effective techniques to turn your rest moments in authentic regeneration, with results that last over time. “

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Rehab Pool

To complete the area dedicated to sport performance, the Rehab Pool is the ideal solution to maximise the effectiveness of the cool-down process and favour the post-injury or postop rehabilitation in water.

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