If you work in Wellness, you know that sports and well-being are tightly connected.  As a matter of fact, sport helps to oxygen and nourish skin, making it bright and elastic.  It also tones the muscles, eliminates impurities through sweating and keeps us fit.

At the same time, it is important to take care of our body after an effort, in order to release contractures, drain lactate and reduce adrenaline spikes and allow our mind to regenerate.


That’s why sports treatment and massage are valuable allies for athletes.  Let’s take a look at them together.

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Sports treatment

After a training session, pain and muscle fatigue are always lurking.

There are several ways of easing this kind of this discomfort, and one of the most effective is certainly the Dry Float Therapy in our Nuvola tank.  During a floatation session, lactate is drained faster thanks to a better lymphatic and venous circulation.To enhance the effect of floatation, wraps can be helpful too: the lower limbs are completely wrapped in gauzes soaked in active substances (like algae, clay, arnica or salt).  Wraps promote the drainage of stagnant fluids and apply a gradual compression that stimulates both lymphatic and blood circulation.  Warm wraps have a relaxing and pain-relieving effect on muscles, while cold wraps are toning, and favour oedema re-absorption and the reduction of limb swelling.

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Sports massage

The sports massage is much more intense than a common beauty massage.

The goal is that of developing body movement as much as possible through specific muscle movements and contractions.  Therapists use several techniques: friction, cupping and other options to release contracted areas.  The sports massage performed on Soffio enhances the effectiveness of the result thanks to the innovative mattress filled with hot water: deep muscle relaxation, tissue oxygenation and blood flow to the affected areas are just some of the benefits for athletes. Another important benefit is the mental regeneration favoured by light stretching movements, de-contracting frictions and kneading.

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Brain Training

To enhance well-being and favour complete psycho-physical recovery, we at Starpool designed Wellness Coach. A practical and versatile wellness virtual guide that allows your guest to enjoy audio guide mindfulness or breathing programs, or to listen to relaxing music.  Before, during and after the sports treatment.

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