Shade Sauna

An oriental-inspired timeless style that combines aesthetics and function. A cosy and elegant environment that communicates with the outside, but protects the privacy on the inside, thanks to its transparent frame completed with shading panels of alternated wood slats of contemporary feel. Shade Sauna seamlessly merges in every setting thanks to its exclusive design.
An elegant cylinder realised in bent and thermally-insulated wood encloses the stove, and the back wall, decorated with a panelling pattern, is also equipped with a cable to secure the towel during the session.
Design: Cristiano Mino
Shade Sauna-2 mobile Shade Sauna-2
Shade Sauna-1 mobile Shade Sauna-1
Shade Sauna mobile Shade Sauna
Shade Sauna 3 mobile Shade Sauna 2
Shade Steam -Room 3 mobile Shade Collection 1
Shade Sauna 5 mobile Shade Sauna 3

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