Smart Technology

Today’s actions affect our future. For this reason, we develop sustainable products and more and more technologically performing systems, connecting tradition and innovation. We create technological solutions that increase connectivity to a computer network that is more and more sophisticated and, at the same time, user-friendly.

We develop software systems that reduce energy consumption and improve the functioning and computerisation of the applied procedures. These processes bring the world of wellness into everyday life and people can approach advanced technology with ease.

Green pack 1

Green pack

Energy saving is one of our goals, and we are very commited to it. Our Research & Development department developed a system to improve the functions of our products. By installing Green Pack, it is possible to reduce energy consumption thanks to smart detectors that prevent needless steam leakage, control the heat and humidity of the environment, and maintain a constant temperature through the energy load management. A sophisticated system that allows an average 20% energy saving.

Smart Technology 2

Eco spa technology

An innovative control system to bring together all our product devices. Eco Spa Technology is a management software, installed in each one of our products, that allows to measure constantly and in real time the fundamental parameters of the equipment. It monitors and allows the automatic management of all the installed technologies, as well as remote diagnostics, and optimises the distribution of energy loads. Multiple functions can be controlled directly and conveniently from the touch screen, which also allows to distribute energy in a balanced and controlled way, thus avoiding to exceed the maximum set KW for the functioning.

Sim 4.0

Sim 4.0

This software allows to constantly measure the essential parameters of the product, to detect any drop in performance, to monitor the usage of the products and the energy load – in real time, both for the client and for Starpool control room. In this way, it is possible to intervene before the problem occurs, using the so-called “predictive maintenance”. The “Sim 4.0” Business Intelligence allows the client to periodically receive a report showing the spa performance, the users’ contemporaneity and preferences, the equipment hourly/weekly consumption and the appreciation of energy saving thanks to the installed Starpool technologies.


My W-Place

We believe that technology has the power to improve many aspects of daily life, which is why we designed My W-Place: the innovative app by Starpool that allows to remotely monitor and manage the home spa. You can have our Brain Training programs of Mindfulness and guided breathing, as well as relaxing music tracks, right at hand – thanks to My W-Place: for wellness to become part of your daily routine. What’s more, we can customise the methods of use of your equipment by choosing from our protocols of use, which were designed to meet your needs of health and well-being: from sleep to muscle recovery, or to stress management, and much more.

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