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The trends of the world of wellness

Wellness sector: the growth throughout the years

Wellness is a vital sector for global economy. Growing constantly since 2015, it is one of the leading sectors of international development. Suffice it to say that wellness tourism increased by 6.5% from 2015 to 2017, almost twice as much as general tourism. And there’s more: in 2017, 17% of the expenditure in the tourist sector was destined to wellness trips, and the spa locations increased from 121.595 in 2015 to 149.000. (Global Wellness Summit, 2018).
These data are proof that, now more than ever, the spaces devoted to wellness have a fundamental role in people’s health. What are the trends that characterise this growth, then? The Private SPA is one example.

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All the benefits

For a lot of people, time spent inside a spa has the only function of ensuring pleasure and relaxation. Oppositely, it is only a few people who associate it with actual benefits for their body, knowing and appreciating all the advantages of the sauna experience. Numerous studies prove that an adequate wellness program, in a healthy individual, favours a strengthening of the body and of the immune system.

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Finnish Sauna

In particular, the Finnish sauna has multiple benefits, among which:

1. reduction of the risk of cardiovascular conditions
2. strengthening of the respiratory system
3. positive effects against arthritis
4. positive effects against headache
5. rebalancing of the immune system which reduces the risk to fall ill (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2018).

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Steam Bath

Also the steam bath supports the health and wellness of body and mind, and in particular:

1. softening of the respiratory tract
2. promotion of skin renovation, smoothness and brightness
3. deep skin cleanliness
4. profound psycho-physical relaxation.

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Lastly, the innovative technique of dry floatation thanks to Zerobody. It is a multi-sensory experience that operates on various psycho-physical aspects:

1. treatment of insomnia
2. treatment of chronic pain
3. cognitive enhancement
4. fast and effective muscle recovery for those who train frequently or are recovering from an injury.

For all of these reasons, people increasingly want to take care of themselves and of their health. Nowadays, psycho-physical well-being is really a fundamental need. It is an extremely personal experience, and living it in a a privately will become a must more and more.
Over the past few years, the market has been highlighting a continuous pursuit of a Wellness Experience to live in utmost privacy, or to share with just a few. Privacy is becoming a very important aspect for everybody, especially during the moments of rest and regeneration, when the mind wants to distance itself from everything around it.

Attention towards hygiene in wellness centres has been growing too. We seek environments that are clean, healthy, and without bacteria to enjoy our Wellness experiences. This is why, in the world of hospitality, saunas and similar products are finding their place in hotel rooms. And even the common spa areas will feature more and more spaces devoted to private moments of Wellness.

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Last but not least, the people who choose to take care of themselves at home, as if they were in a spa. A highly customised Private SPA where to relax and regenerate with numerous beneficial effects for your health, without even living the safety of your own home.

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