Sleep Station The joy of good sleep

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Sleeping well is critical to keeping healthy and to living well.

The effects of sleep on our body and mind are in fact decisive, and both our mental and physical health depend on how long and how well we sleep.


Zerobody is the innovative offer by Starpool to create a corner dedicated to sleep treatment right at home. Developed with the aim to dedicate quality time to psycho-physical well-being, Zerobody is an effective and suitable-for-all solution to favour sleep and deep relaxation with the Dry Float Therapy combined with Mindfulness and breathing programs. Thanks to a unique and patented system combining the benefits of dry floatation to an incredibily easy method of use and zero contraindications, Zerobody is the perfect ally to have a good sleep. While the Dry Float Therapy acts on the body, favouring a state of profound relaxation, Mindfulness and breathing techniques promote mental well-being, a positive approach to life and an ideal condition to improve the quality of sleep.

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