Recovery Room

Recovery Room is designed for athletes who want to devote a space at home to recovery and preventive care to continue their training and performance enhancement programs.

Its effectiveness is ensured by cutting-edge equipment, and by programs of use that are combined with the different training phases, contributing to the improvement of performance.

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Programs available


The phase before the physical activity is critical to prepare the body and reduce the risk of injury. Through the right combination of technologies with the right programs of use designed specifically for this phase, Recovery Room becomes the ideal tool to work on passive warm-up and mental focus before the training.


The phase after the physical activity aims to ensure full recovery and top performance at all times. The programs of use that complete the technologies dedicated to this phase are designed to reduce muscle soreness and the risk of overexertion, to favour fast recovery, to improve the quality of sleep and, if necessary, to treat acute injury.

Rest day

On rest days, athletes may take advantage of their Recovery Room to follow programs designed to act on preventive care and psycho-physical resilience. In case of injury, when it is not possible to train or it is necessary to follow a treatment and recovery program, the technologies that come with our Recovery Room help professional athletes to get back to their feet as soon as possible.

Recovery Room: the technologies

infrared therapy-sport

Heat Therapy

When the outside temperature and humidity rate change, the body gives a physiological response according to the differences that it perceives.The responses of vasodilation, cardio-circulatory system activation and perspiration are triggered subjectively in order to restore the body’s temperature balance. Thanks to our constant research, we at Starpool use the body’s physiological responses through the offer of solutions that apply to sport and that take advantage of the different types of heat – like the dry, intense heat of the Finnish sauna or the deep heat of the Infrared Therapy – to produce beneficial effects.

dry float therapy-sport-station

Dry Float Therapy

Thanks to the lessened weight perception and to the dry environment which does not alter the vestibular system, the brain detects a chance for relaxing and decreasing the involvement of the neuromotor system, resulting in a virtuous mechanism of physical and mental regenration. We make the most of this mechanism by integrating it in the training itself, through specific programs of use to relax muscles, promote blood flow and stimulate the cardio-vascular and parasympathetic system.

cold therapy-sport

Cold Therapy

From a physiological standpoint, the exposure to cold and low temperatures can trigger different types of response from the body. These are determined by the time of exposure and cooling rate. A reduction in sensitivity and muscle pain, vasoconstriction, and the activation of the endocrine system are only few of the physiological responses that are triggered by intense cold. Our solutions are based on the body’s physiological response and take advantage of the reactions caused by intense cold to produce beneficial effects in the field of sports.

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