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Did you know that your brain improves or deteriorates depending on how much you keep it active?

Mindfulness is a mental exercise of awareness that teaches you to leave in the here and now, and to manage life effectively. Scientific Research is very proactive in this respect, and is building broad consensus in the domains of psychotherapy, corporate wellness and sports.

We have worked alongside Nicola De Pisapia, neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology, to realise five audio-guide programs together: each one helps you to train specific brain areas, thus allowing you to improve focus on the most important aspects of your daily life.

Our Mindfulness Programs


A body scan exercise that teaches you how to relax your body completely when you are awake. Once you become familiar with this program and you are able to make the most of relaxation for its whole duration, you’ll be ready to move on to the following programs.


Achieve a state of peace, letting go of the stress and chaos of daily life. This will help you to focus better with positive results on memory and, in general, on your psycho-physical well-being.


Restore your emotional stability, understood as the ability to perceive reality for what it really is, without being conditioned by emotions. This allows you to live life in a healthy and productive way.


The training to mental presence enhances an creative approach to problems, improving your ability to create new connections between ideas and solutions, and promoting a positive decisional attitude.


Train your mental agility, favouring a clear vision, greater focus and full awareness of yourself. It helps you to deal with problems with a firm grip on your mental abilities, without being overwhelmed.

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