Music is good for your health! How many times have you said or heard “Sing, you’ll feel better” as a piece of advice to fight off a negative thought?

The power of music has been known since ancient times. Orpheus, mythological Greek figure, used the sound of the lyre to tame ferocious beasts and to resist the temptation of the sirens’ songs. It’s not news, then, that music is a strong ally of well-being. Over the last decades, technological innovation has advanced greatly in the identification and development of specific vibrations and biometric sounds that can improve our general health.

Scientific studies have confirmed the significant positive impact of music on mood, pain, and depressive states.

Professionals of this sector have then developed more and more advanced solutions for music therapy, transforming music notes into an actual wellness trend. That’s why we find music playlists dedicated to relaxation, sleep and focus more and more often.


Let’s discover together the instruments chosen by Starpool to combine music and health!


The hang: an ally for your breathing

The hang, or “Handpan”, was invented in Switzerland at the beginning of the new millennium. In very few years, it has made the whole world fall in love with its magical vibrations, to the point that it is now recognized as a therapeutic musical instrument. The hang accompanies the breathing exercises developed by Andrea Zuccari exclusively for Starpool. Its sound favors the body’s natural relaxation, a state of calm and mental focus, turning into a perfect guide to mark the respiratory rhythm and facilitate a full awareness of one’s own chest and diaphragmatic breathing.


MegaHertz: allies for Mindfulness

The accompaniment to mindfulness programs developed in collaboration with the neuroscientist Nicola De Pisapia was realized using the therapeutic effect of Hertz.

528hertz: the “miracle frequency”, a sort of ascending C. In genetics, it is used for DNA repair and to eliminate possible defects of the genetic code. This results in numerous benefits, like greater vital energy, mental lucidity, awareness, increased creativity and inner peace. This frequency is especially recommended before going to sleep, to eliminate the “low frequencies” caused by negative events happened during the day.

639hertz: in between an E and E-flat, this note is completely unrelated to the temperament system we’re used to. It encourages the cells to communicate with the surrounding environment and, for this reason, it is used to favor socialization and to treat relational problems.

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