Strengthen your immune system with the Dry Float Therapy


Benjamin Franklin was right when he said centuries ago that “a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure”.

When it comes to your immune system, your health is at stake and prevention must be taken seriously. Besides washing one’s hands, eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and sleeping plenty, science and innovation are on our side. The beneficial effects of floatation on muscle pain, cognitive enhancement and relaxation are very well known. But you may not know that the dry float therapy helps to strengthen the immune system.

Let’s find out why.


Stress reduction

Stress worsens inflammatory states, which is exactly the opposite of what our body needs to remain strong and effective. When we are stressed out, the body “wastes” energy to defend itself, thus inhibiting the immune response. Too high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, result in a weakening of the immune function and expose us to greater risks for both our physical and mental health.


Floatation breaks this cycle and, if included in the wellness routine, “it can actually strengthen the immune system” (Michael Hutchison, “The Book Floating”, 1984). How does it do it? By reducing at the same time the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, two subproducts of stress that weaken the immune system and cause metabolic dysfunctions .


Better quality of sleep

We all know how important it is to sleep well to have a strong and performing organism. However, we also know that “sleeping well and enough” is easier said than done! Scientific research has proven that floatation reduces heart rate and blood pressure, favoring a state of deep relaxation and also better quality of sleep. And not only that. It induces a mental state that favors meditation and breathing techniques, two effective tools to enhance sleep and mental balance. That’s why Zerobody, our system for Dry Float Therapy, is equipped with our Brain Training programs: Mindfulness and breathing exercises in audio guide, developed with expert professionals and easily accessible in audio guide.



The Biathlon world champion Dorothea Wierer has also chosen us at Starpool as Wellness Partner. Inside her home, a Recovery Station consisting of infrared sauna and Zerobody personal.

Maximization of other strenghening treatment results

The floatation therapy is so effective that it can be used by itself or combined with other immune system strengthening methods, such as the infrared sauna and cryotherapy. A study carried out by the NASA has revealed that infrared therapy can improve cells health and tissue growth by four times. Moreover, the infrared sauna helps to reduce stress and eliminate toxins. Floatation after a session in the sauna allows the body to internalize the benefits, preparing the organism to fight viruses and bacteria.

Even if it is not always possible to reduce exposure to stress in the frenzy of our daily life, it is however possible to change our approach to stress management.

Zerobody allows us to do it in an easy and comfortable way, thanks to the innovative dry floatation system that is suitable for everyone and has no contraindication. Effective in only twenty minutes, without getting undressed or wet.

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