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All the benefits of the alternation between heat, water and rest

The art of taking care of the body and regenerating the mind has very ancient origins. We have drawn on the heritage of knowledge and competence of all spa traditions, founded on the harmonisation of elements. This heritage is enclosed in a formula: the alternation between heat, water and rest, which is today at the heart of spa program.
Why are these three phases important then? What happens to our body if we just skip one? Let’s go through them in detail.



The starting point of every wellness experience. The word “heat” refers to the state in which our body is overheated, which has several consequences
– increase of basal temperature
– perspiration
– increase of heart rate
if the body remains in this state for a long time, it may lead to metabolic imbalances.



To make the most of the benefits deriving from temperature increase, it is fundamental to go through a correct cooling process after the exposure to heat, be it dry, moist, or mild: the cold reaction.

The cold reaction allows to re-balance body temperature, by counteracting the heat and bringing organ function back to normal. The cold reaction is proportional to the type of heat. The more intense is the heat to which the body is exposed, the colder the subsequent reaction must be.

Cold produces an excellent tonic and anti-spastic effect. This lesson was taught to us by the ancient civilisations that used ice and snow to ease pain and relax muscles.



Rest is the condition in which our body experiences a state of relaxation and psycho-physical regeneration. It is the ideal conclusion for every wellness program, as it allows the body to restore its correct balance and optimise its physiological state. Complete and profound rest is ensured by a precise set of elements:
– comfortable beds characterised by ergonomic shapes
– a mild room temperature
– soft music
– dim lights
– sipping drinks

Making the most of each benefit

The alternation between heat, water and rest is fundamental to live a beneficial experience in a spa. Skipping one of the three phases does not lead to the desired benefits. On the contrary, you could experience increased fatigue or exhaustion.
A spa experience brings multiple benefits:
1. Improvement of blood flow – the alternation between hot and cold temperatures promotes passive capillary and venous gymnastics, improving the flow.
2. Improvement of quality of sleep and nervous tension – when done correctly, a spa program improves the quality and quantity of sleep, thanks to the reduction in muscle tension and to the production of serotonin.
3. Ease of muscle and joint pain – heat relaxes the muscles, making it easier to relieve contractures, while the increased oxygenation due to the improvement of venous and lymphatic flow benefits the joints, making them less painful and more flexible.
4. Clearing of the airways – the combined action of heat and steam helps to clear and effectively open the airways, improving the oxygen supply to the lungs.

5. Relaxation and stress reduction – a well-developed spa experience allows to achieve profound relaxation, and helps body and mind to regenerate.
6. Purification of body and skin – the perspiration promoted by the intense and dry heat is a valuable mechanism that helps the body to eliminate part of the metabolic waste through the pores, while the physiological exfoliation due to the high humidity rate inside the steam bath helps to eliminate additional impurities.
7. Strengthening of immune system – these extraordinary effects benefit our overall health by making it stronger.

The combination of heat, water, and rest helps to treat some physical issues, leads to deep relaxation and to a state of well-being and beauty, and to the necessary muscle recovery to take on daily challenges in the best possible way.


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