Scent in the spa

How to enhance it for an emotional experience

Scent and breathing are closely intertwined.
In fact, many believe that the sense of smell is the most powerful and emotional of all senses.
So why not enhance it in the spa through scents that can transform a simple wellness program into an unforgettable moment in people’s mind and heart?
Smell allows you to travel through new inner worlds, it creates unique memories.
In short, it allows you to live an actual emotional experience.
Playing with scents and fragrances in a spa means giving an identity to the spaces, leaving the guests with a distinctive element to associate to the experience.


How to have scents in the spa

Performing and constantly maintained air recirculation systems, as well as structures and cabins equipped with sophisticated fragrance inlet systems, are paramount to make the most of the scent element in the spa.
Fragrances characterised by an excellent composition of ingredients and refined and certified essential oils complete the choice and make the wellness experience an unforgettable moment in people’s minds.

Fragranza al limone

Make a theme out of the scent in the spa

Don’t forget to vary and customise the choice of the scent inside the spa.
In fact, it is possible to choose the fragrances according to the season, specific occasions and special events.
And one is spoilt for choice.
Eucalyptus and cold mint, lavender and lemon, camomile and English rose, Passion Fruit and Scots pine, orange and green apple. There is a wide range of options that will make your offer new, fresh and inspiring.


The Aufguss ritual for the scent in the spa

During the Aufguss ritual, the sauna master pours water or scented ice balls onto the stove.
The scented fumes rising from the stove are then directed towards the people inside the sauna thanks to the towel rotating movements, for a complete sensory engagement.
Together with the music and the harmonic movements, also the essential oils captivate the guests and ensure further benefits from the sauna experience.


Sauna for
Aufguss rituals

A theme
for your spa