Sauna Show relaxation and entertainement

sauna show aufguss
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The Finnish sauna is an ideal environment to purify and eliminate toxins, to stimulate the cardiovascular system and relax tense muscles. And not only that: the moments of wellness inside the sauna are good for your mind, favour relaxation and reduce stress and the frenzy of daily rhythms.

You might not know that a sauna can become an actual environment for show and events of social wellness, if designed correctly and according to flow logics. The Aufguss is undoubtedly the sauna event par excellence: an actual show that has ancient origin and that wins every heart.

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The Aufgussmeister (or sauna master) leads the event, standing near the stove complete with hot stones and, usings fragrances and essencial oils, dances to the music and engages the guests by circulating the steam in the cabin with a towel. The art of moving the hot steam with elegance towards the guests sitting on the benches charms and moves.

The beat of the show can be played by the most diverse music genres, like jazz to rock to classical music, or even by a tale told by the sauna master. It can even become an actual musical, with lights and themed dances.

The new frontier of wellness requires shared experiences that are good for both body and mind. We at Starpool offer large saunas where to create actual shows where each one of your senses is engaged.