Mindfulness and sport

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Scientific evidence in recent years has confirmed the effectiveness of mindfulness for people practising sports of all sorts, from fitness to golf, from skiing to soccer.

What are exactly the major benefits that a sportsperson can enjoy from practising mindfulness on a regular basis?

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Anton Bernard, former captain of Hockey Club Bolzano Foxes and of the Italian National Ice Hockey Team, during a Dry Float Therapy session on Zerobody with audio-guided breathing techniques.

Stress reduction

Sportspeople at both amateur and competitive level know that training sessions or competitions are the main source of stress, and this can have a very negative impact on their athletic performance. Practising mindfulness on a constant basis helps to relax and to develop a more positive and mindful mental approach to hardships

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Diego Flaccadori, basketball player for Aquila Basket Trento, uses the regenerating power of Zerobody to practise Mindfulness exercises and enhance his mental concentration on the court.

Enhanced concentration

Everybody knows that the mind is crucial in sports. The finish line, one decisive score to win, the right trajectory: these are examples, among others, of situations in which distraction is not at all admitted. The practice of mindfulness helps to focus on the present moment, without distractions, keeping a clear and conscious mind so as to give it your all.

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Improved sleep

We all know that sleeping is good for everybody’s health. So, what happens to athletes who do not have enough sleep?
Irritability, concentration difficulties, uncontrolled anxiety, and reduction of motor control. An interesting research study conducted by the School of Medicine and Health of the University of Wisconsin has shown how athletes who practise mindfulness have a better sleep quality, find it easier to fall asleep, and, as a side result, have a stronger immune system.

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Higher tolerance to pain

An interesting study by the University of Kent has shown that mindfulness helps to control pain more effectively. The study was conducted on a panel of 20 professional athletes who had suffered serious injuries. Athletes practising mindfulness throughout the entire period of the study proved to be capable of controlling pain in a more effective manner.

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Improved endurance

Mindfulness – better when combined with breathing exercises – helps the athletes to visualise a specific target and to train their bodies to work longer hours, thus increasing endurance against fatigue. Mindfulness also helps the athletes to learn how to distance themselves from negative thoughts, to accept possible failure without undermining their self-esteem, and to overcome obstacles without losing sight of their ultimate target.