Middle age weight gain: rejuvenation with floatation


“When you reach middle age, you gain weight”.

This phrase has accompanied us for generations, and it comes from the idea that after 40 years of age men and women increase their body weight by about 10/12 kilos.

Good news! Nowadays, we can easily keep this fear at bay, in the knowledge that it is possible to keep the situation under control and manage all the changes that happen to our body when years pass by. Ultimately, it’s about “investing in ourselves” since a young age and to accept the idea that some excesses, at a certain age, are no longer tolerated by our body. The reason is simple: metabolism slows down, venous and lymphatic circulation bring less nourishment and oxygen to the tissues, the stress of a hectic life starts to become chronic, and, over time, a worse quality of sleep takes energy away from physical activity.

The team of professionals for the beauty world have interviewed a sample of women aged between 45 and 60, asking them what changes linked to age they consider the most bothersome.


"I don't rest as well as I used to when I was young"

With the arrival of middle age men and women sleep a rough and broken sleep; most of the times, the cause is a change in the production of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone. The worries and responsibilities of adulthood lead to chronic stress, with a subsequent continuous production of cortisol, which has side effects on the body, like fat accumulation and water retention. That’s why more and more people look for  solutions that don’t just act on the exterior beauty, but also on deep relaxation: cortisol reduction and quality sleep are, today, fundamental ingredients for an effective well-being recipe.


"I can't afford cheat food anymore!"

As years go by, our metabolism changes and the reaction of our body to our food habits with it. The good news is that it is enough to follow few simple tips to not “succumb”! Eating little food, and often, helps us keep our metabolism active, preventing that annoying bloated-stomach sensation. Careful, though, not to reduce the caloric intake too much: it would lead to a reduction of your muscle mass – fundamental to keep fat away! Being careful about the quality of what we eat and drink is just as important. We should choose nutritious food, such as fruit, vegetables, whole cereal, proteins, and healthy fats.


"My legs are always swollen!"

Amidst the many consequences of ageing, there’s also the weakening of the cardiocirculatory system, especially in the lower part of the body. Swollen ankles, larger thighs, visible capillaries and tingling: all annoying symptoms of a circulation slowdown that reduces the absorption of nutrients and oxygen, fundamental to maintain the tissues whole and homogeneous, which results in an acceleration in fat accumulation and water retention. We can feel overwhelmed and give in to a sedentary life; or we can kick-start our venous and lymphatic circulation, dedicating time every day to exercise…and fun!

Our Beauty Care products have been designed to operate from deep within and to allow you to offer your guests all the benefits of a synergy between body treatments and physical and mental health. These products work on cortisol, they stimulate mental determination (allowing you to make good of the promises you made to your body!), they improve venous and lymphatic circulation thanks to the lack of points of contact on the body. And finally, they allow you to create actual rituals: unforgettable experiences through cosmetics and manipulations focused on the elimination of blemishes.

You’ll be surprised of how many new customers you can attract by meeting their specific needs!

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