Discover one of the trends of 2024 according to the Global Wellness Summit

Over the last year, the word “longevity” has spread more and more in the world of wellness and health. This is why, as reported during the Global Wellness Summit, it is not just a simple trend, but a new pillar of the industry. As a matter of fact, nowadays, people want to live better and longer. This is why, in this year 2024, topics such as health and wellness will be the centre of attention, in order to be able to offer a better life for a longer time.


Longevity: living healthier and longer

The global market already has varied activities and proposals that go in the direction of this goal. The worlds of medicine and of wellness have been working hand in hand to offer more and more innovative solutions to the people who are trying to win more healthy years adopting a better lifestyle. The concept of longevity doesn’t refer exclusively to the achievement of an elderly age: the goal is to take actions to feel well in every phase of life.


Biohacking in name of longevity

One of the techniques that are used to enhance health, and thus longevity, is biohacking. Originated in United States, biohacking comes from the union of the words “biology” and “to hack”, and it refers to the ability to positively influence the functioning of our body by acting on body and mind to live better and longer. The environment surrounding us and our habits are among the factors that influence our cells and well-being the most. The idea that is possible to hack one’s own biological and genetic heritage is bold, and makes biohacking one of the most debated trends in the scene of wellness and longevity 2024.


Starpool’s solutions for longevity

People’s health has been our goal since as far back as 1975 and, now more than ever, we at Starpool believe that it is possible to live well and for long. This is why we have designed and developed targeted programs and treatments for longevity. Our format Longevity Spa is the ideal solution to keep the natural body’s health potential active in the long run, thanks to the combined use of innovative technologies. According to the individual needs, it is possible to choose from four different configurations:
Longevity Spa Basic is ideal for those who have little space and time available;
Longevity Spa Pro offers effective and fast sessions for the complete well-being of body and mind;
Longevity Spa Elite is perfect for those who want to a complete and innovative offer for preventive care;
Longevity Spa Elite Plus also includes photobiomodulation treatments to provide cells with new energy.