The new trend in the world of wellness

What it is and how to do it

How many times did unbalanced nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress and sleep loss risk affecting our quality of life? Countless times. The problems resulting from our bad daily habits have increased dramatically over the past few years, and people have started to look for new techniques to live longer.  Among these, there’s biohacking – a trend that was originated in the United States, with the goal of positively influencing our body and mind to live in the best possible way.  Had you ever heard of it?


What is biohacking?

Over the last few years, many new words have been coined to describe the activities connected to the science of life that happen outside of traditional institutions and medicine.  Biohacking is one of these and is today one of the most debated trends within the context of wellness and longevity. Originated in the Silicon Valley, it is an approach that is spreading more and more worldwide.

Speaking etymology, the noun “biohacker” is a compound word of “biology” and “hacker”, implying the possibility to hack one’s biological and genetic inheritance.  A biohacker is someone who, by taking advantage of their scientific knowledge, tries to reprogram their mind and body, controlling the surrounding environment and changing their lifestyle, with the goal of achieving lasting well-being over time.   The individual plays in this way an active role in his or her well-being, trying new tools and life habits and implementing techniques based on scientific studies and self-analysis.


How to biohack?

The strategies connected to the world of biohacking are numerous and concern several domains.  There is everything from controlling sleep rhythm to energy drinks, to intermittent fasting, to more invasive practices that aim to change our biology through, for example, the application of subcutaneous microchips.  Wellness has a fundamental role in the domain of biohacking, and we at Starpool went in that direction too. We have created a company Scientific Research Department, which is based on four pillars: stress, sleep, performance and longevity.  This department studies the technologies that are traditionally applied in the world of Wellness, designs new techniques and develop programs of use for people’s well-being.

longevity spa

Longevity Spa: an example of biohacking by Starpool

The Longevity Spa, the wellness format proposed by Starpool, was developed with the goal of promoting a lifestyle focused on a more authentic inner beauty and more conscious approach to the passing time.  We revolve around health as our primary focus, with an aim to bring the development of body and mind to their maximum potential.   Among the different available techniques, there is also controlled exposure to cold, which is implemented through Zerobody Cryo, our innovative solution for cryotherapy.  In fact, the contact with cold strengthens the immune system, improves base metabolic rate and reduces inflammation.  Photobiomodulation is another technology that can be applied in this context. Allowing controlled exposure to low-frequency light rays, it favours cell regeneration, improves sleep quality, and helps to eliminate toxins, thus promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.  Also Mindfulness can be considered as a biohacking practice.  It is a mental exercise that teaches you to manage your reality and visualise your own body in the present moment.  Mindfulness helps your mind to move away from daily worries, which results in a significant reduction in the levels of stress and in a state of restfulness and well-being.

The solutions listed here are just some of the techniques that can be implemented to meet the rising trend of biohacking.  The Finnish sauna, for example, also brings about numerous benefits: if used regularly, it helps improve your health. We recommend choosing the product and method that are most suited to achieve your specific goals in terms of wellness and physical performance.

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