At the time of the Romans, people’s life expectancy was thirty to thirty-five years, and people over 60 were less than 6% of the population. Ageing is a privilege, and it is only since the 19th century that we’ve been witnessing a slow but steady change. The increase in life expectancy is a great achievement of our times. It’s not just about living longer and adding years to life, it’s about adding life to those years.

Acquiring a healthy lifestyle and habits is far from easy, but it is within everyone’s reach. Actively taking care of physical and psychological well-being is an investment both in the long and short term. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress have a major role in inflammatory processes and in determining the response of the immune system. This is why acting on these aspects contributes to general health and longevity. Let’s discover why.

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Longevity: how to attain it

The increase in life expectancy is a great achievement of our times. However, the true challenge is having a good quality of life, increasing our healthy years and reducing the chance to come down with chronic diseases. Healthy ageing looks like a perfect balance of physical and mental well-being, resulting from a series of good practices oriented to preventive care, from the good daily habit of living well and from an effective management of stress.

The world of spas can also play its part in this process. The approach to products and services has changed: appearance is no longer the priority. It has left the floor to the need to improve one’s psycho-physical condition through the reduction of inflammation, which is the cause of many a disease and trouble connected to age, and to enhance one’s immune system.

The Longevity Spas originated in the United States and, according to the experts of the Global Wellness Institute, are the future of Wellness. The idea to work towards longevity makes its way forward thanks to customised programs and treatments that keep the immune system efficient, introducing new technologies to work in synergy with a traditional offer. In this way, holistic therapies, bespoke diets, specific training sessions enhance, for instance, your typical treatment against cellulite to make it more effective.

Do you want to improve your sport and professional performance, relax body and mind, manage stress, reach the necessary psycho-physical balance to take on any challenge? Let us share with you some technologies for preventive health below.

Technologies for preventive care

molecular hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen

Thanks to its antioxidant power, it prevents cellular ageing, promotes cognitive enhancement and is particularly suited for recovery after exercising. Thanks to its easy use and versatility, it is combines with traditional treatments, boosting their effects.

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This treatment takes advantage of the therapeutic power of cold, which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiedematous effects. It favours physical recovery after training and injury; it is also a valuable ally in fighting skin ageing.

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Dry Float Therapy 

It is a dry floatation technique that allows body and mind to recover energy in a simple, versatile and fast way. It produces a positive impact on: stress, muscle and joint pain, sleep, focus, and psycho-physical recovery.

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It is an innovative therapeutic technique working with the emission of light energy at low frequency that impacts positively on people’s health. These specific light wavelengths reach the cells through the skin, providing the former with new energy.