Epigenetics in your hotel


Genes do not decide our destiny

Have you ever heard of epigenetics? It is a relatively modern branch of biology that literally means « above genetics ». The German scientist Thomas Jenuwein describes it as an easy metaphor. « It’s like writing and reading a book. Once written, the book remains the same in all its copies, exactly like the genes and the DNA. But the reading leads to different interpretations and emotions.

Epigenetics is just the same: it allows to interpret the same piece of genetic information in different ways, according to the variable conditions that can influence it ». Genetics has studied the transmission of hereditary traits for many years. We’re used to thinking that DNA determines our biological identity. And that genetic information is unchangeable; but this is not completely true! And here is where epigenetics comes into play.

As a matter of fact, it studies the changes that influence the phenotype but not the genotype. In short, it studies the way in which genes are activated, according to the influence of external factors, but without altering the DNA sequence.

Why then should epigenetics be interesting for us? Because the way we think and feel emotions, as well as the environment that surrounds us, influence our cells. And, conversely, the genetic variations influence our way to feel emotions, think and interact with others. Have you ever thought that epigenetics can be part of your wellness offer? If you run a hotel or a spa, the multiple applications of this science will leave you in awe. And your guests too!


I.Con Collection: wellness spaces that originate from the regeneration of industrial containers, for a sustainable wellness, fully immersed in nature.

Integration with nature

The return to nature is a trend that has been confirmed in the latest Global Wellness Summit report too. But few people know that the natural environment that surrounds us has a great positive impact on our genes and on their ability to be activated. A Wellness package with outdoor experiences in your territory can become an effective tool for cellular detoxification. The key to convince your guests to choose your facility over another!


Balanced diet

An important scientific study has found that diet influences the microbiome of our intestine, and that it, in turn, influences the transcription of genes in the whole body. Why not offer your guests a « Wellness » menu studied to provide a balanced nutrients intake? Thanks to sp.a system, you can offer your guests spa methods of use that can be included easily in your food service offer, for an authentic, exclusive experience dedicated to your guests.


Wellness Coach: your virtual assistant to theme relaxation areas with Mindfulness programs and breathing techniques.

Mental wellness

Recent research has confirmed that 45% of population globally define relaxation and mental wellness as the utmost priority, influencing every choice about the present and future. Use your spaces to offer Yoga courses, Mindfulness programs or breathing exercises. You don’t need much to transform your spaces and meet travellers’ new growing need!


Zerobody is the utmost expression of relaxation in the rest area of your spa. The therapeutic effect of floatation combined with effective protocols of usage to meet the needs of the most demanding guests.

Physical workout

No more excuses for the lazy: sport is a good habit and physical training has a positive impact on DNA at molecular level. How so? By lengthening telomeres, DNA sequences located at the ends of chromosomes. Quite simply said, they are our “biological clocks”. A 2017 scientific study proved a cellular rejuvenation of up to 9 years in athletes. That’s how a good workout in your gym and a healthy spa experience, followed by a regenerating floatation session on Zerobody, become an actual exceptional rejuvenation program!