Chef Peter Brunel

Who and what

Innovation and respect for ingredients in name of well-being is something we will hear about more and more often. We can take care of our well-being throughout the day and in our nutrition habits as well. How?
We found out with Peter Brunel who opened for us the doors of his Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet, the result of the great passion he turned into a job.

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About Peter Brunel

Class of 1975, born in the Fassa Valley, Peter Brunel wins his first Michelin Star at only 28 years of age at Villa Negri in Riva del Garda. A well-established experience in the restaurant business led him to open the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourment in 2019 in Arco. There, his dream of ”making the star shine once again by the lake of my Trentino” comes true.

Wellness sits at the table too. How do you interpret the role of food in relation to the concept of Wellness and of individual well-being?

Food has a fundamental role in psycho-physical well-being. In my concept, sitting at the table is not an end, with the simple goal of being fed: it must be an all-inclusive experience.
At the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet, each element is designed to help my guests to live their culinary experience in the best possible way. Chairs and tables were developed on the basis of accurate proportions. Posture is supported by their structure: backrest and armrests favour the correct relaxation of the back and abdomen, as well as of shoulders and neck.


The environmental aspect is more and more important in the world of Wellness. How are the fights against food waste and for sustainability applied to your philosophy?

My way of doing cuisine has always been in line with circular economy philosophy. To me, reducing waste doesn’t just mean reducing the production of ingredients waste: it is a mission in its own right that leads me to the continuous study of ingredients. Each recipe is studied down to the smallest detail and each component of the dish is optimised, which results in courses that are nice to look at and respectful of the environment.
This “green” attitude doesn’t just involve the final dish and its preparation. To us, being “green” means being sustainable also in the daily activities of the restaurant. This is why the use of plastic is limited- around a mere 10%, the cleaning operations are carried out thanks to ionizers (the typical detergent product, is used only once a week), and the facility is equipped with solar panels.


Food and DNA: if, on the one hand, our gene pool regulates our individual response to the food we eat, on the other, it is known that nutrition affects our mental health, our mood, the quality of our thoughts and even our behaviour. How do you interpret this responsibility in your day-to-day work?

To me, the role of food in relation to mental health is very important, and I believe that it is a determining factor for the psycho-physical well-being of each of us. For this reason, the designing of the menu is the crucial part of my work, where I must be even more attentive. In my culinary propositions, the basis weight, the type of cooking, pH and the search for the right ingredient have a paramount role. All these elements need to be selected carefully and lend quality and a sense of well-being at the table.


Your proposal goes beyond the world of cuisine, with influences from the worlds of art and architecture. What are the sources of your inspiration?

My cuisine interprets experiences, travels, passions, moods and relationships, in a blend that allows me to create dishes that are coherent in taste and appearance, a delight for the palate and the eye.
Art and architecture are prevalent elements in my culinary propositions, as well as in the environment surrounding me and my guests. The original inspiration is without a doubt the Vittoriale, evoked in the diamond pattern of the fully exposed kitchen, as well as in the precious velvet of the chairs and in the marble of the surfaces. Evolving styles and atmospheres and one fil rouge: the literary meaning of “Pleasure”, both to the sight and taste.
This is why I can say that the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet is an all-around experience: going from the sitting room to the table is s unique journey into the world of hospitality, haute cuisine and mental wellness.


Tradition versus innovation. How are these differences harmonised? Does the evolution of your cuisine anticipate or follow the dynamics of the consumers who are more and more attentive to a healthier and more balanced nutrition?

Tradition and innovation are two opposites that manage to find the right balance in my cuisine. To me, the secret to being able to innovate in the right way is knowing and studying the traditions, internalise them and rethink them respectfully.
My cuisine is creative, it is made of intuition and a lot of discipline. Each course, each proposal and each experience that I offer to my guests is inspired from tradition and, through my vision, generates innovation. Breaking the mould and patterns is my everyday activity. I love presenting each course by explaining what led me to its creation, to describe my experience and my propositions.