Dorothea Wierer


Based in Cavalese, in the Fiemme Valley, she is part of the Fiamma Gialle group, and at the Beijing Olympic Games she achieved her first historical feat by winning the first medal in the individual races, taking Italian Biathlon to unprecedented levels. Dorothea Wierer is the first Italian woman to have won in the seven biathlon disciplines, three times world champion in the individual races and two times winner of the World Cup. And let’s not forget the bronze olympic medals in Sochi 2014, in Pyeongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022.

“Biathlon is a complex sport, as it combines two disciplines: rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. It is therefore imperative to optimize physical performance with focus, precision, and mental speed – skills that are necessary at the firing range.” This is how Dorothea faces the daily challenges of her sport.


Dorothea's preparation

Her preparation starts end April, with no-ski training until November, when the winter training resumes on then northern European snows. During the summer and autumn preparation, the training consists of running and cycling sessions, a lot of gym training and even more roller skiing. And let’s not forget the daily rifle shooting practice. Over a year, Dorothea collects around 700/750 hours of aerobic training, plus the time spent at the shooting range. The pre-season training and the training on the snow during winter are fast-paced; for this reason, athletic recovery is key to keeping up top performance at all times.


The importance of recovery

With the support of our Scientific Research Department, Dorothea has realised an actual area dedicated to recovery at home, to maximise the rest between races and close together appointments, prevent fatigue from accumulating, and maintain top performance over time. On loading days, the work before and after the physical effort consists of cold applications correctly combined with the Infrared and Dry Float Therapy to ensure benefits in terms of muscle recovery and mental rest from the stress of athletic pressure. On unloading days, on the other hand, the right combination of heat, water and rest serves as passive cardio and cognitive enhancement training.

The Recovery Station at Dorothea's


Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal solution for muscle recovery and for effective cardio-vascular passive training on unloading days. Part of Dorothea’s Recovery Station, our Finnish sauna is a valuable ally to maximise the effectiveness of physical activity and to ensure top performance at all times.


Infrared Therapy

Thanks to its ergonomic backrest, the sauna turns into the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of the Infrared Therapy. The deep and toning power of the infrared rays allows Dorothea to recover her ideal psycho-physical condition after physical effort in no time, and without subjecting her body to extreme perspiration again.



The regular Dry Float Therapy sessions allow Dorothea to work effectively on effort perception and clarity of mind, which are determining factors for performance. Dry floatation, combined with our Mindfulness and breathing programs, support athletes with a recovery schedule that can be perfectly integrated in training programs.


Dorothea Wierer

Biathlon World Champion

“To me, Finnish sauna, Infrared Therapy, cold reactions and Zerobody Dry Float have a really important role and, thanks to the Recovery Station developed with Starpool, I can really enjoy all the benefits in the time and way that suits me best, integrating recovery in both my sport and private schedule.”