Recovery Station

This format was conceived to allow Boutique Fitness Studios and Performance Training Studios to enhance their offer with innovative technologies and effective programs.

Designed and developed according to the guidelines of our Scientific Research Department, it takes advantage of the body’s physiological response to cold therapy and dry floatation.

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Available programs

Functional programs

Integrated in the training and managed by the personal trainer, they allow to effectively work after the physical effort in order to optimise recovery and ensure increasingly better psycho-physical performance. The functional programs also allow to treat sub-acute injuries and maxize the effectiveness of physical therapy treatments.

Personal Health programs

They are ideal to retain your clients and to keep them happy with effective programs for stress management and sleep. They motivate people to attend the club more often and allow you to increase the number of members, also addressing people whose primary interest is not working out but wish to take care of themselves. And then, maybe, approach fitness too.

Recovery Station: the technologies

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Dry Float Therapy

Thanks to the lessened weight perception and to the dry environment which does not alter the vestibular system, the brain detects a chance for relaxing and decreasing the involvement of the neuromotor system, resulting in a different physiology in terms of cardiovascular, muscle, and neural response. Through research, we are now able to make the most of this mechanism: when combined with training and specific programs of use, the Dry Float Therapy produces deep muscle relaxation, it promotes blood flow and improves the cardiovascular system.


Cold Therapy

From a physiological standpoint, the exposure to cold and low temperatures can trigger different types of response from the body. These are determined by the time of exposure and cooling rate. A reduction in sensitivity and muscle pain, vasoconstriction, and the activation of the endocrine system are only few of the physiological responses that are triggered by intense cold. Our solutions are based on the body’s physiological response and take advantage of the reactions caused by intense cold to produce beneficial effects in the field of sports.

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