Cosmetics for your daily wellness ritual

Taking care of oneself and nurture one’s wellness is an actual ritual that requires skilful gestures and attention to detail. This is why we have created w-ritual, a new cosmetic line for you to complete your daily wellness rituals in your home spa and anywhere you want.


Mineral Scrub, Energy Oil, Calm Oil and Vitality Spray were designed specifically to enhance your moment dedicated to well-being. They are made of selected ingredients, of gentle fragrances, and aim to offer deep sensory experiences.  They are characterised by nourishing, soothing and moisturising formulas. Moreover, if combined with the right method of use that we at Starpool provide according to your wellness goals, they turn your daily life into an actual ritual.

Discover the characteristics of our w-ritual cosmetics:


Mineral Scrub

A scrub that is a concentrate of virtues, an innovative product that respects both your skin and nature.

The detoxifying action of the white volcanic clay is enhanced by the mineralising effect of the red algae, resulting in a brighter and more elastic skin. The essential oil of sweet orange relaxes body and mind, while the wild oils of myrtle and peppermint purify the respiratory tract, in a synergy with the benefits of the steam bath, with a touch of sparkling energy that will stay with you for the rest of your day.


Calm oil

A combination of oils with calming and relaxing effects, ideal to favour sleep and especially indicated during the sessions of guided breathing techniques.

Sweet orange and lavender relax mind and body entailing an overall detoxifying and purifying action that enhances the benefits of the sauna or steam bath. Lemon balm counteracts emotional tension, states of anxiety and stress, with a pleasant action that promotes good sleep-wake balance.


Energy Oil

A combination of oils with energising and revitalising effects, ideal to promote cognitive enhancement, and especially suited during the mental training with Mindfulness programs.

Peppermint, eucalyptus and myrtle purify the respiratory tract while giving a positive mental revitalising and energising effect. The green peel of sweet orange is the source of this precious essential oil, which fights emotional tension, states of anxiety and stress, with a valuable effect against free radicals, enhanced by vegetable vitamin E obtained from wheat germ oil.


Vitality Spray

This spray water for the sauna has aromatic properties: it is gentle on the skin and rich in refreshing and moisturising active ingredients. A delicious citrusy bouquet of sweet orange and lime essential oils, with a balsamic touch of eucalyptus leaves, releases all its natural intensity enhanced by the beneficial effect of the sauna. A fine product with a balsamic and toning effect on the body.

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